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Sunday, October 26, 2008


I thought you were into the kink.
I bet they'll be cute.

I think I see smiley faces in the kinky socks.

Love the colors, but they do look a bit rumpled. Like they went to bed with their colors on. Happy Sunday to you!

Oh, too damn cute. But seems like a lot of frickin' WORK. I'd go buy socks. Heeeeeee.


That ripping, hanking and soaking is exactly what I would have done. In fact, I've got alot of sock blanks here that I should get my ass in gear to dye up.

Quite a procedure, but one that will likely yield excellent results.

Wait, I think I see the Pope in the kinky socks...


The colorway is nice though.Kink is seriously overrated.I bet you had fun watching the smileys disappear.

I can't tell -- were there faces in the socks???

I like the color, but kinky yarn is kinda weird.

Those are going to be so cute!

Both. Join the crowd.

Makes a girl wonder what will happen to the unsuspecting (or suspecting) person *wearing* the finished formerly-kinky socks. :D

People arriving at your blog having done a search for 'Kink' are going to be quite disappointed to read that you're not into it. :)

I don't do kink in my yarn - I wouldn't have made it as far as you did without giving it a bath first. Which is why I won't ever buy a sock blank... ;o)

Sounds like a better plan to me.

I loved the Kinks. :D
It's hard for me to take in that you are knitting with smiley face yarn.

Can't wait to see the results. Hope it works!

Yeah, I do not think you are being picky. I can see that these will be beautiful socks when you are done.

It does look like smiley faces in the socks. I'm not sure I could stand that.

Wouldn't blocking have unkinked the socks? the part that was knit? Oh, not the rest of the kinked up hank. Never mind.

I've been intrigued with the "blanks" idea, but foresaw the 'kinky' problem. I think if I ever try it, I'll do the same thing - divide, skein, and soak.
Can't wait to see what your socks look like in the new unkinky version...

I can see why you had to rip. They really do look rumpled. Wow!

I dunno but this whole thing makes no sense to me at all...who wants to knit with kinky yarn and if you gotta skein and wash it, who needs it?

I like your sock to be tho :)

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