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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I think you're hiding your true self from us.

It doesn't fit with the Cookie I know but I'll go along with it if you want.

Hmmm... OK, I'll go with it! xoxo

Okay, I did that test, and whoever wrote it was high. Or stupid. Or stupidly high.

Mine said the exact same thing.The whole active and full day-total crap.I like days when there is nothing on the calendar.Weird.

I know the last line is true, for sure;-) That's one reason I like you so much.

Stupid test. Ask me how I know.

It is just wrong. I took the test. Somebody must have dropped their notebook before coding for that test, 'cause it is just wrong. There is no way that I live for the moment and spontaneous is just not me. :D

Looking forward to photos.

I took the quiz and actually found it pretty accurate, which is kind of creepy.


My results were taken with mixed reviews. heh.

I think Margene is right. ;op

Ha! You just hate that someone had something positive and nice to say about you. You really do have some 'not-crabby' in you, you just work hard to hide it! (And I can say all of that because I haven't taken that test yet!!)

I think it's fixed. I got the same thing!

It's one of your other personalities? Your real name isn't Sybil is it?


or...you've been lying to us this whole time! A former Dallas Cowgirl cheerleader or something-- I knew it!!!

Mine says "you find hard work to be the most comforting thing in the world." This as I sit in my cubicle reading blogs.

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