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Sunday, September 14, 2008


9000 comments, we should be sending you the random stuff. Love the socks and I'm sure Angie will love them too.

9,000??? I'm tickled to death when I get 2! Angie's socks are perfectly lovely and the sun is out right now after almost 10" of rain in two days. But, at least Ike is on his way to the northeast.

love the new look of your blog!!
Shame on me, i've never read Opal *hangs head in shame* but thanks to your link I will now :)
Angie's gonna love those socks!

Yeah, I think I'd come across Opal but for some reason never put her on my blogroll. Did now, cuz she has a new kitty. (And seriously, who wouldn't pick "random weirdness from Cookie"?)
Nice Angie socks!

cool socks, missing knitting-hopefully back to it soon. yes i am typing one handed and resting "my paw"

I love the new socks. I definitely need to get some of that yarn.

love the socks! I am lying low and eschewing all drama. and men.

They look fantastic, Cookie! DH even thought they looked like something I would wear. (good answer, eh?) Thank you, Cookie!

9K comments?! Whooot! Hurray for stealth contests.

9000 is amazing. But it just speaks to your incredible awesomeness....


People read knitting blogs for free stuff and attention? People are desperate.

The Twisted Sunday socks are cute. There doesn't even look like there's any pooling.

Yeah, that's not why I read knitting blogs! It's for all the knitwear and yarn pr0n. I need my fix, I'm an addict. ;)

I love the super cute socks! For the record, I LOVED MY BOX. (Yes, I meant to yell.) And no, not everyone reads my blog. :-D

What, this isn't about free stuff? Damn, I need to find a new hobby. ;) Opal's new kitty is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. And Angie's socks? She's gonna love 'em.

Random weirdness is always going to be my first choice!

Those Gorgeous socks... knit in 3 days.. oh yeah, you didn't want to hear about it, snort. Random Weirdness ala Cookie, always a good choice. Must go see Opal's new kitty.

Very pretty socks and I love how the toe looks!

Nice socks! Lucky Opal!!

Congrats on your 9000. After my last contest, I'm all contested out. I like your idea of random weirdness contests. :D Of course I like random weirdness myself.

Oh... those socks look wonderful. :D Happy Monday! xoxo

Oh, great. Now I have to read Opal. I'm sure she's lovely, it's just that, as previously noted, I'm already a Very Bad Commenter Who's Always Behind, and now I'm even further behind, not to mention clueless. But we knew this. Did we not? Lovely socks.

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