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Monday, September 29, 2008


Your sky is bluer than ours today.

Yea, I actually was hit with a few raindrops this morning. Just enough rain to make mud on my car rather than the usual dust and dirt.

That is a seriously beautiful zinnia. :)

I like the little gold sex parts too!
Whaddya mean, high 90s isn't what you want for fall? That's Fall Weather round these parts. High 90s is when it's finally cool enough to sit outside. In the shade...

why is it so difficult to find good perfume? most end up smelling too flowery, musky or powdery on me, so I either go for odd scents, like Ivy, or go without. Hermes, I also love that one.

Are Zinnias like hyacinths and change color with the acid in the ground?

Your sky is lovely. Your zinnia is beautiful. Norma rocks! Oh, and 90's are too hot for fall.

You're just showing off with that sky!

Yes, they are stamen. I always remember (and teach) it as "stay! men!" (male parts) and women have Style (female parts). I once had a somewhat raunchy set of transparencies for teaching plant sex ...

That's not just seriously pink, it's shockingly pink! That must add a lot of zip to the garden!

The only fragrance I ever wear is called Ralph, Daisy is slightly better.
It's 55 degrees here, or nearly sweater weather.

I can ABSOLUTELY see you wearing a perfume named Daisy.


That's a gorgeous Zinnia. I've never looked closely at them before.

Daisy? Interesting. How do they come up with those fragrance names, anyway?

That flower is totally going all out. I love it, it almost doesn't even look real.

...are you pulling our legs and looking over on Stockphotos.com or something for plant porn?

There's a lot of love in this post. I had to check to see if I was in the right place. :D

LOVING your sky! And your flower! (and you)

No, you are so not a Daisy girl.

Love that pink zinnia! Our skies have been gray, but yesterday it was suddenly IN MY FACE that the colors have really started to pop over the weekend. It would be nicer to try to photograph them in a blue sky, but I guess I'll have to take what I can get. XO

Great zinnia! I'm so glad there was a pink one in there for you.

I understand why you wouldn't feel the need for fingerless mitts. 90?? Enough already!!


That is the best flower I have seen all day! xo

Working on scarves. Will also donate.

Politics, feh.

The Zinnia is such a pretty flower. I loves me that pink.

thank you for reminding me I am supposed to plant zinnias this weekend. Must buy seeds.

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