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Thursday, September 25, 2008


LMAO @ two hours.
Denial is a valid coping mechanism in my world, hon. C'mon in, the water's whatever you pretend it is...

And in turn I'll blame alarming female and kim...grrlfriends are there to enable, doncha know? The socks are lovely!

THose are great socks! love how you get the stripes to match.
and yay for plurking!

I already told Nora how much I liked your/her socks. Those colors will bring California sunshine to bleak Wisconsin winter when it's needed.

Plurk-free here (ack, no time! my laundry is about to be featured on the evening news, I think!), but if you get to see your friends, it's got to be a good thing.

I am a cynical optimist so I kinda know where you're coming from. But the optimist always wins.


Plurk? I thought we were done with that?

Those socks are awesome! I'm so glad you've been sucked back into Plurk. I've missed you there!

Ooooh NOOOOOOOOO, not Plurk again?
Hey, ok, you say you're not a happy girl but you're old enough to make those choices, you know, like to plurk or not plurk :^)
Nora's socks, the colours, the stripes, had me smiling this morning.

Nora's new socks are lovely. Sorry about the dreams, hopefully the issue will be resolved quickly and painlessly.

I loved plurk because you connect with friends easily. I just need a plurk chip. :D

Are you saying there's something wrong with sticking your head in the sand? It's always worked for me. Well, maybe not, but I like to pretend that it has.

I've been trying to ignore the friend invites. Really. Luckily, I don't have time to plurk. At least right now.

Eh. Happy is overrated. But maybe that is just me after a night in the emergency room.

You'll feel better when you wake up?

Nora is a very lucky girl. I have that same yarn and I'm afraid to say that the one sock I knit with it is sat in my knitting bag feeling very lonely because I can't face trying to make the stripes match up.

Thanks for the Red Dwarf link the other day. I have been looking for a worsted sock pattern for a long time that I liked. These are fab and I have already knitted the first one and am partway through the second. Pics are on my blog.

Gotta hate those annoying dreams.

I love my socks...

Hope the happiness returns today... denial isn't all bad, you know!!


a cold black heart with a pink stripey sock wrapped around it...

Yummy sockness! No comment on the two hours. Cause If I count the hours since the first time I cast on my first pair of socks until now (they are currently some needles and some sock yarn, ZERO stitches), it would be approximately a bazillion. Hours.

Wait - was that a comment?

Didn't you already to Plurk? Or was that Twitter? These things confuse me no end. Hopefully, all that actual dealing with something will help. Take care and have a good weekend!

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