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Monday, September 08, 2008


Not weird at all. Besides, if you are knitting on size three needles still, the progress is not dramatic enough for a blog post. Don't ask me how I know that, I'm refusing to discuss it further.

agree with your post on Heather's blog. won't get started on the whole crazy consumer conspicuous consumption thing! love the finished swallowtail! it looks so amazing! and huge! (am quite the stater of the obvious):P
and btw, "look at me" people can bite my ass. am sooo sick of attention whores and the people who feed into them. I am extra cranky this monday. :)

Um its in the rules that you have to post here as well as everywhere else, at least sometimes. /said the girl who hasn't updated her blog in freakin ages... o.0 (I'll get right on that!)

So this is fine. A break is fine, but I do loves me some good old fashioned grumpy shut up and knit talk.

Your shawl at Normas was GORGEOUS and the post at Heathers was so the frack dead on it was brilliant. :D

If the humans don't get their shit fixed soon we are all gonna be fucked. o.0


oh yeah and attention whores and stupid people can all go fuck off and die.

I'm in a mood... I call it my "being awake" mood. *L*

Having seen neither hide nor hair of my knitting mojo in a while now, in recent weeks I have posted about:
- the warning label on a tube of anti-itch cream
- feet
- Sarah Palin (3 times)
- a very small and badly photographed knitting project about to be frogged
- my daughter's math homework
Sending my (dwindling number of) readers to other people's blogs instead might have been the better part of valor.

The shawl you made for Norma is absolutely gorgeous! That certainly gets you off the hook from content here. At least for today.

That shawl is amazing. I can't believe you knit it in four days! You must do a whooole lot more knitting throughout the day than I do...

I have traversed new blogs and am the better for it, thanks to you. I don't think it's weird at all. It's a Good thing! I've expanded my horizons and all that.

Nope, Carole is too nice. I require constant entertainment, and since I'm American and of the age of video games, I require others to spoon feed it to me. Get on it, hun, you're falling down on the job.
And now I shall go read the post at Heather's.
Oh yeah, and HOLY SHAWL that thing was huge. Pretty, but no wonder you had a time blocking it. I don't think there are that many pins in my whole TOWN.

The shawl rocks, and I loved your post over yonder at the other gal's blog. Why don't you re-post it here so everyone will be sure to enjoy? And while you're at it, why don't you run for president? (Shut up and Vote! Would be a great campaign button, wouldn't it??)

Went and read your post at Heather's, yes, indeed... I've been on that particular rant for years... in fact, it just came up in a conversation the other evening but pretty much re-rants. Craziness abounds.
Saw the Swallowtail this morning, that's some pretty incredible Magnificence there, and it's ginormous! Seriously, how many pins do you estimate it took to block that baby?

That shawl for Norma is ginormous! I don't think I'd even have the space to block it. Much less the patience. I think it would make me cranky. Very cranky. I'd have to go look at construction guys to get over it.

Love Norma's shawl. Love.

Hate credit cards and debt. Hate.

Love your post about consumerism and foxes and henhouse keys. Love.

Very weird. Post anyway.

Loved your rant about debt and drowning in both it and stuff since I do my share of that one myself. People are throwing their money away with both hands and they just don't see it. (Books and yarn are exceptions to this, btw).

you have to post here. I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the hate to basque in.

Is it me or do you have a new banner that is awfully cheerful& spunky for a self-proclaimed crank? And that is one kick ass shawl you made for someone who is using the word lazy about herself. Hmmm.

The shawl you made Norma is gorgeous!

Hey, at least you're posting ...

It's okay once in a while to be a router to other blogs. Because you know we will hunt you down wherever you go... :)

I love the Swallowtail Shawl you knit for Norma. It is wonderful. I have enjoyed blogs new to me based upon your recommendations. Sorry, you are just not lazy.

Lovee the shawl/blanket! :D Eh... you should hire your posts out... buy wait, it's probably the attention whores who would be buying.

Did I miss more shit - or am I over medcated?

Bravo on the guest post. Really. You said it all.

And holy hell that shawl is HUGE! And gorgeous as always! One of these days I'm going to knit that damn pattern...

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