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Saturday, September 20, 2008


Chicken butt! Chicken butt!

Hey, it was just kismet. That someone in Texas prolly needed a lift.
No, gift knitting usually isn't a mistake. It will arrive, the day after you give up on it.
What's the new sweater yarn? Nosy minds who are avoiding their own work want to know!
I hear you on the dumbass boring perfect blue sky. Weather service says it's 87, but I don't believe it. It's still hot enough for the damn mosquitos to be out.

What an honor. Someone from Texas found you by Googling "know what? chicken butt". I'm beside myself with envy;-) There is absolutely nothing wrong with knitting a sock in worsted. It's almost (at least for you)instant gratification. The sky is lovely. We're cloudy, humid and 74. Fall is no longer creeping in, but running at us full tilt.

Gift knitting is a mistake.

You were VERY high on that search. Is that a cause for concern or hilarity?

I only knit gifts if they aren't expecting them, and there's no deadline. Well most of the time. I make exceptions for my sister sometimes...

I think a worsted weight sock is a win all around - comfy, quick, and attractive. What could be better??

What stash yarn are you pondering for the cardi?

Chicken butt...


Worsted weight sock, oh yeah, and even better when it's a Magic 28!
Gift knitting a mistake? That's mostly all I do. dang. (no, it's not a mistake, ever)(right?)

geeze, Gracie is all about the 'guess what chicken butt'...

Love the search! Worsted weight socks are great - I should make some tonight too...

Yes the universe is trying to tell you something...knit not for others. We have rain, clouds and now a bit of a chill. My afternoon on the patio has come to an end.

As a gift recipient, I'm certainly glad to have my socks in hand should you decide on a moratorium on knitting gifts. :D ( I love them. Thank you!) Worsted weight socks are wonderful and cozy, imho.

Socks, who knits socks? Chicken butt there, goose butt here. That reminds me, we haven't seen those chickens in a long time, maybe you need to take a drive. Or pull out the red or pink lace.

I have lace waiting around for me too. Instead of digging my out from under them, I'm knitting cat toys. Yeah. What a productive way to spend my time. Knit something that will soon be destroyed. Great idea!

Now I have chicken butt on the brain.

I like that search. My most interesting ones have been 'Hawaii sexy coral' and 'talk about loose porn'. I think chicken butt completely outdoes them!

Hahaha, good search. I'm trying to think of what it was, but I had a funny one last night....but I'm too upset and distracted and my head is about to explode. Don't say anything to upset me or someone will die. XO

Guess what, chicken butt?????? That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! EVER! It's funny in so many ways. The phrase itself is hilarious! But why? WHY???? And that it linked to you? Sure you've showed me some chickens wildly running around California but chicken butts?
Gave me a good laugh this morning, Miss Cookie. I needed that!

I SWEAR! It wasn't me! I didn't have internet connection. And I'm too busy right now to do random searches. :D

On Sunday I had to rip back six inches on a sock because I wasn't happy with how the heel fit me. Because of this, instead of knitting on the sock so I can get caught up, I have started about six projects in the past two days just because I'm desperate to knit something that doesn't suck.

So far I've been dismally disappointed. I promise, I won't judge you for your worsted weight sock. ;o)

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