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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Here's a link to the eBay page with a bunch of Moda-Dea Cartwheel:


I looked at a few of them (not all) and noticed that you can purchase a multiple of skeins in a single dye lot from them. Hope that helps!

My list of things that scare me would be a lot of politician's name. Oy!

I think that 's a great idea - it's not an unsolicited opinion/advice if people ask for it! hehehe.
The cowl looks lovely and squishy! and that color! You should buy the ebay yarn.

Nice Cowl. I have often pondered making one for myself, but then I really like scarves and it gets cold here in Ohio. Not that fluffy kind of cold it gets in other places of the world. Thanks for the encouragement over at my place earlier. I may or may not be sending 2 girls your way *wink*


Hey girl! Sign me up!

Knitting content is good.

Oh sign me up too! I need some advice right now in the worst way.

A discontinued gay asshole? Good gracious.
I like the cowl. I am less than loving the model, though. C'mon now. Do I spy an ST?

I'm all over asking Aunt Cookie. Yeah, and I see that Shetland Triangle - stealth knitter.

Do you really not own jeans? Wow.

All assholes should be discontinued, and I love the cowl.

Pretty! That was a nice yarn, sorry to hear it's been discontinued - figures :-(

Love the cowl but ohhhh that lace. I think I'd look pretty stupid in lace but when I got Vict. Lace from interlibrary I fell in love with one shawl that wasn't too fancy and a thing called a fichu in the back of the book. Too bad they both said they were for the more experienced. oh well...I look ok in socks :-) And right now, I think people in general are scaring me. Especially if they have any power..or think they do.

Wait a minute, I thought you loved me? Does that make me discontinued, gay or an asshole?

I will say that the cowl looks just as good on you as it does on what's her name.

Love the cowl - and can't wait to see the lace!

cowls always make me think that there's a sweater part that I'm just not seeing due to smoke and/or mirrors
verrrrrrrrry pretty.

The cowl is lovely and the yarn looks super in this pattern. I'm expecting to wake up to 40 degree temps tomorrow, so I should be knitting rather than blog-reading. You can *so* knit yourself a cute boxy sweater and quicker than a flash, I bet.

Cute cowl, but isn't it 1 million degrees in Sacto still?

When I did not get beyond People and Fame for this week's ten, I decided to put my energy elsewhere. Cowls are funny. I love your Shetland Triangle.

As for the footnote: bummer, dude.

I think Ask Aunt Cookie would be hysterical. Do it. ;)

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