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Friday, September 26, 2008


read and wow. just. wow.
anyway, pretty lace! can't wait to see what it becomes!

It's beautiful. Have a happy weekend yerself, girl!

Thank goddess they had a skein to hold! We wouldn't want to see you THAT cranky.

Thank goodness there was a 4th hank.I would hate to have seen the carnage otherwise.Have a good weekend sweetie!

Read and forwarded!

Ohhh, the Malabrigo. That hank was clearly meant for you. It's SOOOO gorgeous!! Don't delay - cast on immediately!!

Sock yarn? No way! I'll be anxiously awaiting that!

I love it when people erode the fabric of society.
That is some fantastamous yarn, even for my pink-hating self. Mmmmmm.

Wow, that's so pretty. I wish I could feel it from here, I bet it's just heavenly.

Oh it's just as pretty as I thought it would be.

And gee thanks. My head nearly popped off after reading that. ;-)

That is a beautiful skein, just gorgeous.

I put 3 skeins of Malabrigo silky wool back on the shelf last Saturday after carrying it around for 20 minutes, because I didn't want to feel greedy. And I've been thinking about it all week long. But what the hell would I do with 3 skeins?

I got that as an email a couple of weeks ago. It's brilliant.

My head has been exploding on a daily basis, somedays several times. holy shit.
I'm thinking McChickenshit must have an earworm, with the Mighty Mouse song, you know the one... 'HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY'...

Num num num, Very Pretty yarn, glad you were able to score that 4th skein!

FABULOUS! Sorry for the screaming, but really. I couldn't help it. I love that you posted that; I have several folks that need to read it!

And Marianne? I absolutely love the Mighty Mouse reference. L-O-V-E it!

(And the yarn is quite yummy, though I am personally sated at the moment from my last accidental yarn purchase).

That is such a Cookie color and I'm ever so glad that she had one left for you. During days like these, yarn somehow becomes a very good solace.

Good read, great yarn!

Well, I'm just getting to this on Saturday, but thank you for making me laugh out loud!

Thanks for that link. It says what I've been thinking so much more succinctly than I've been able to.

Pretty yarn - gorgeous color!

I am so glad my foreign parents give me the option of moving to Europe...

Four hanks of yarn, a bottle of Hornitos and lord knows what will happen! Good shopping girl!

So Cookie Darling.

I have a kitten here with your name on it. Actually I'm calling him Diego from Ice Age.

I know it might be too soon, but think about it. I have pics I can send.

He's a cutie. And yeah I'm hitting up other friends to find him a home. So you can say no. ;-)

It makes perfect sense to me. I mean we can't have you running out of yarn.

You mean you can more cranky?

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