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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


LMAO. One of my servers at work has the time off by a few minutes, so depending on what I'm doing, I can create files into the future. Hee.
Knitpicks shipping SUCKS. It's like there's a spot in the warehouse that says, "Packages marinate here" and they sit there for a week or so before they're allowed to go in the mail. If Sherri from TLE can get stuff to me in 2 days, and elann.com can get it in 2 days, Kelly needs to bring her A game.
Oh yeah, and fantastic Sil-lace.

No, dear. Your are not behind. You got the order two days ago;-P And, Silvia's shawl is beyond gorgeous and quickly moving into stunning!

The shawl is amazing. I bow to anyone who can knit with silk. Good luck with the KP order!

Maybe it was shipped from Australia? No, wait - they're only one day ahead.

Sil's shawl is beautiful!

That shawl is lovely.
It's always anyone's guess how long a KP order will take to arrive. On the bright side, at some point I stop being annoyed at how long the package to to get to me and forget that I ordered anything at all, then it's a nice surprise when it does show up.

ackkk those automated things drive me nuts! HOpe you get it sooner than you think!

I bet it comes today.

Fine I'll get the freaking book. The shawl is gorgeous.

How on earth you expect us to believe that you hate people and yet to go around gift knitting stuff like that...

Hugs honey. Beautiful work as always.

Love the shawl--fabu as always, lovey!

you knit such beeeeyutuhful stuff. xo

Sil's shawl is beautiful, stunning, and it's gorgeous on her! You really DO rock the lace.
Knitpicks... wacky place. Great stuff but wacky place, it takes close to 2 weeks to get anything from them, elann just 4 days. go figure.
Seems to me it shouldn't take terribly long for you to get your stuff, they're in Oregon, right? good luck, hope you get it soon.

Wow! So that time machine Knitpicks has been working on is functional! Who'd have imagined that? :-o

That's the second weird Sept dating I've seen today. Did someone scramble the calendar? They'd better not ruin my vacation next week or there will be hell to pay.

Pretty shawl.

That is a gorgeous shawl - and yeah, KP sucketh.

Love the shawl - gorgeous. The yarn looks beautiful. As far as KP - wait until you get the next email that says that your order was discontinued and that its backordered...

I love love love my shawl! My mom can't figure out why you'd knit it for me. You've baffled my momma.

I'm going to wear it constantly from now on in. Love it!

As to why your yarn has fallen into some time space continum, perhaps knitpicks is in the 4th dimension and time moves more quickly there.

Perhaps it is being shipped via the same method as a DVD I ordered; the Postal Orifice left us a package pick-up slip last Friday, and THEY STILL CAN'T FIND IT. And of course, today they left 2 MORE pick-up slips for other parcels while my husband was home.....

Great red lace work, Cookie.

Not to buck evidence to the contrary but I think Ohio has some of the Ike water problem so maybe that is a factor.

The lace is lovely, Cookie. Twenty repeats? I guess I will have logged that by the time I finish these two. I need to finish the Noro so I can get on to the camel.

This shipping incident means you may have finished your knitting three days before the yarn arrives, thus necessitating another order. It could either turn out really well, or bring doom to the universe. If it is a case of the latter, they will have to change their motto to, "Traveling the world to knock the earth off its axis."

Yup, you're getting emails from THE FUTURE. Expect the Tardis to deliver it to your front doorstep, chased by a scourge of Daleks all nasally crying "EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINAAAATE!"

Have you looked in the freezer?Maybe it's already there....
Love Sil's shawl.It's gorgeous of course.

Snort. I think it's time to order more yarn.

The shawl is incredible. I think I need to start one immediately, and screw all this knitting monogamy virtuosity I'm kidding myself with.

(Wait til that one hits the Rav boards!!!)

I believe the universe is just making it up to you for all the times a shipper said, "You received that package two days ago," when you clearly did not. Some happy Karma for your grumpy self - ha!

Whoa. Yeah. I wouldn't expect your order to arrive promptly, that's for sure. Aren't they on the west coast too?

Lovely shawl! Maybe the only way I'm ever going to get one is to have you knit it for me? ;)

Just as long as knitpicks doesn't give that machine to the gov't. Time moves too fast already.

Lovely shawl from a lovely person. xoxoox

You did a beautiful job with that shawl!

The shawl is beautiful!

I don't suggest you hold your breath waiting for your new yarn.

KnitPicks has gremlins in their packages. Nano ones that work their way into your home and listen. They know when you need the yarn soon (I also ordered this weekend and want.my.yarn.yesterday!) and when you could care less how long it takes (the Christmas stocking yarn took 3 days from order to delivery this past August). I love KP, I hate KP. Anyone have a daisy?

Love the shawl.

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