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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Oh, pretty! I totally have to read your archives to find out what the deal is with the freezer.

Um, wtf does emerald blue mean? Whatever it is, I love it. I can't remember - have you knit with DIC Smooshed Babies yet? I'm trying to decide what to spend my TLE credit on, and it's burning a hole, and it wants to purchase lace.
If you and Joan don't stop with all the pretties I'm going to dump my whole Ravelry queue and just put a note in there that says, "I'm knitting whatever Cookie and/or Joan just finished." And that would be sad because there are SWEATERS to be knit!

I'm knitting Malabrigo lace, too. It's heavenly yarn and would make any day better.

That shawl is blue.I wasn't aware that you knit anything blue.It is very pretty.How's the pattern?I saw it on Ravelry and thought I might give it a go.That is if I ever finish my only pair of SOS socks.

Oh it looks pretty! Emerald blue is kind of a confusing name though. Silly yarn company.

The day is young and there are always plenty of people vying for justifiable homicide. But maybe you can make it all day. :)

Oyster Bay looks good! I like the blue and green tones.

I've got two skeins of an army green and pink malabrigo lace waiting for the right pattern. I'm off to check out Oyster Bay!

But but but . . . it's blue!

I love it. I have not knit with Malabrigo lace. I'm still slogging on my PurplePi. Lovely pattern, too.

that oyster bay shawl is gorgeous - just went over and checked it out. Damn I gotta start on some lace!!!

Oh, it's lovely! And I love the color - I don't care what they're calling it!


It's looking awesome. :)

'Emerald Blue'... snort. It's beautiful though, Very. So is that Oyster Bay shawl. I have not knit with the Malabrigo but I have fondled some, and still wanting to get fresh with the smooshed babies :^)
I can't quit staring at your emerald blue and the grandchildren have my brains leaking out... and it's only Wednesday? WTF!

More pretty lace! Don't you love knitting with malabrigo lace? My swallowtail (still not completed :P ) is in appletini green malabrigo. probably not it's official name, but it's what it looks like.

That's some gorgeous yarn and lacework there. I love Malabrigo lace yarn. In fact I just ordered some pink (I can't remember the name) for the Mystery4 Stole.

You knit a gorgeous shawl. I'm new into the lace knitting fun. Currently I'm knitting the Secret of the Stole III. So far so good.

I must look at this Oyster Bay Shawl. Why not start another? ;~))

I look forward to knitting with my Malabrigo lace yarn. There's a DIC yarn called 'smooshed babies'? I think that would be right up my alley. Whatever color it is.

I think having blue yarn for a pattern called Oyster Bay is certainly appropriate...besides that, it's very pretty

Your yarn is like the darker moodier version of my Oyster Bay. And it is Emerald and Blue. I have some of that stuff called Gold that has purple and green in it, go figure.

oooooooo something to aim for when I have the time to learn lace. I think it's my fave so far.

I love the red socks even it they are different lengths. I did the same thing and it never occured to me that it was because one was knit during a period of more stress than the other. Hmmm. That makes perfect sense. The shawl looks great. I am so impressed with all the shawls I see where all the stitches look so perfect. You all are some awesome knitters.

Lovely... I envy you... swallowtail still looking the same as last month....

A lovely distracting shawl! An excellent idea. Distracts me, anyway. No time for the Ladies is certainly a very busy day. I hope Thursday is better.

color name is definitely confusing, but I loved the yarn!

Whenever I make it home, I'll have to knit with some of that crack

This looks like the right lace to soothe and comfort.

Very pretty - great color!

That color is lovely! I'm working on my first shawl and praying I'm not screwing it up. Watching you knit lace as easily as breathing gives me the confidence to keep going.

Wait. Don't you have the gold in progress? Where IS that sucker? Did you put it in the freezer? Heeheeeeeeheehee....

Very Very pretty! Love that color! And I happen to know how luscious that malabrigo lace is.

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