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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Another beauty. You are an inspiration. Oh, and remember, no good deed ever goes unpunished;-)

Very pretty.

C'mon Cookie, good karma is a good...I promise.

OOOH! Dish!
Love that shawl. That's the first lace shawl I ever wanted to do (and for whatever reason, I keep putting it off). Maybe I will quit putting it off.

Dear Cookie-
You may be grouchy but you are always kind. The shawl is lovely and so is a treasured friendship.

Lovely shawl, so glad that the knitting of it brought you comfort. Keep doing good deeds - it does make a difference in the big scheme of things, I think. :-)

You have always been kind to me.Even when you didn't know me.Sometimes people just suck,thems the facts.But then you have people like sweet Joan who always seem to know what you need when you need it.You have lots of those kind of people in your life too.
Lucky you!Love the shawl.

People can suck, but you don't. Fuckem...

The shawl is awe-freaking-some. Nice one!

Oh, that's just perfect! So pretty, and just exactly what you needed.

As to the other... I won't smack you, because you were kind to me when I could very well have been just another whack job. (I know, I know...)

I'm with Nora, I wouldn't smack you.

That shawl if just sooo beautiful, I'll bet it feels like a Joan Hug every time you put it on.

Oh how lovely! And how lucky you are to have such good friends, who know you so well. And once upon a time you didn't know sweet Joan either. Or, on the other hand, ...no good deed goes unpunished. Sorry...it's snark day here :-)

It's gorgeous! I need to make that shawl. Well, first I need to get that book...one of these days!

You nearly leave me speechless. But I have to say that you are right on the first part but you know I wouldn't smack you.

What a dreamy shawl.

It's like Heather said, good karma is good. Trust me on this.

I'll just try to distract you next time. I'm afraid of a smack-back since I'm slow at ducking lately. :D

It is a lovely, lovely lace triangle, Cookie. I'm so glad Joan knows the right thing for the right moment.

Maybe it would be a lot more sad if you DID learn. Kudos to friends like Joan, and the shawl is exquisite. Of course.

I'm in awe of your laceishness. "Your Laceishness." Hahahaha. Sort of like Your Highness. Yes! XO

That is simply lovely. You make me think I need to try lace instead of my normal rut - felting everything.

WOW. That is gorgeous!!!! I'm so envioud of you who are capable of knitting the lace. In AWE would be maybe a better word. How in the world do you spit these out so fast? SO, so pretty!!!!

Wow! I have seen a lot of pretty stuff on your blog, but this time I couldn't just lurk. Gorgeous! I have a number of shawls I don't wear, and I swore off them, but I think I'll have to do that one anyway.

I blame you, frankly.

Gorgeous shawl - just really beautiful.

So pretty!!! See that would take me a year to do, you are amazing.

Oh, who am I kidding, that's way out of my skill set :)

You are so awesome. And for soooooo many varied reasons. :D

Man, your skill with lace is just amazing. Not even talking the speed with which you knit, but the complete grace and quality. Simply Beautiful.


I am a firm believer in the karma bank. As long as my deposits outweigh my withdrawls, I figure I'm doing ok. The shawl is lovely. And only 4 days, that's a wonder to me. I am a sloooooow knitter. And that pesky day job gets in the way.

Beautiful Shawl - and I can't smack you! I'm with everyone else - Karma - you have good coming back to you!

Does this mean you won't be kind to me? Or do we know each other in a weird not knowing each other sort of way?

I love it and am itching to dive into the stash to knit another of these.

I love that the color is called day dream--when I saw the picture, I thought "that's just dreamy"!

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