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Monday, August 18, 2008


Good stuff, Cookie. I love Nivea. Eucerin, too. Anything that doesn't stink, really.


LOL. I cleaned out the bathroom this weekend and found about ten more tubes/tubs/containers of cream than I remembered having. Yep, Nivea's in there. And that's not counting the ones I threw away. I should have the oiliest skin on the planet.
As for the rest of it, this Monday can suck it.

There's nothing wrong with a wee rant on a Monday. Or any other day, really.

Geez --- what is UP with that Nivea webpage --- pedophiles in the ad agency! That is major creepy!

Good stuff though ---

Yep, found that Green Works Dilutable cleaner, love it, lasts a looong time and being the frugal woman I am, it's Very Inexpensive.
I'll give the Nivea a try. I may be beyond help though. seriously, it doesn't stink? good thing to know.
Blister blocker? I just try and avoid sun exposure, hats, long sleeved white cotton shirts... you know for that pesky yard work.

Somebody needs to report those Nivea people. And blister blocker, who knew? Where has that stuff been all my life?

The Blister Blocker is very cool. Thank you for the heads up.

I'll check out the Nivea, too. Aveeno works fine for hands, so far.

Definitely keep the preggo happy.

Where were my rants when I was preggo? O wait, that *IS* when I felt first the Cookie-love :)
hey for fun http://www.drbronner.com/ I was just reading around the webz about it due to a silly conversation today. You gotta find the documentary trailer--the dude's accent RULES.

Now I want to try some of that Nivea. I have dry spots all year round.

I've wondered about that Green Works stuff. I love the switch to some worsted weight and US 8 needles when I need a break from those 2.75mm needles.

I think nivea may be the only lotion I haven't tried. Time to get some -- at least for the office.

What do I use on the car? The hot guys at the car wash. I haven't washed my own car in the driveway in a looong time. ;op

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