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Monday, August 25, 2008


Wow - except for the glasses and the brown eyes (mine are green), my pic was eggzackly the same as yours!

I prefer this one. This one includes arms!

Mine always come out looking ugly if I try to get ones that look like me.

Change it to blue eyes and it's me. I like the hair on the avatar better than mine, though.

You are neither sad nor lame, and I know you really have arms. As to that list of things you don't understand... boy, a list like that could get pretty long for me.


That is fun! I like playing with that, but have yet to come up with one that looks much like me.

No avatars have excessively curly hair, so it's a no-go for me. Also, you are not lame.

I started to make one of these but got tired of it and decided it was lame so I quit. Maybe it's just me who is lame.

Dude you must have arms! The cute kicky hair of a brown shade is easy to accomplish, especially with arms. The overwhelmed feeling may be harder to banish, though arms would help there too. And you must eat and knit chocolate. Arms again.

When I saw the avatar, I thought you looked just like Nora! (and I've see the real Nora!) I'm going to go see what I look like. If I look like Nora, the Twilight Zone better start playing.

My whelming is getting back to regular whelming, so I hope the trend works in your favor.


I live in a cave, you are aware of that right? Hadn't seen/known about this mangafacethingie... went, started playing with it and lost my patience...
Hey, you're cute :^)
and I want to see Oyster Bay... is it blocking?

Cute avatar! Mine came out looking like I might have looked 20 years ago. In my dreams. Haha.

I do know what this overwhelmed feeling is all about. Someone throw me one of those round thingies with the hole.

How tired and whelmed does it mean I am (start medical school again tomorrow, and then -- THENnnnnn, omg, what a fall I've got ahead of me) that I can't be bothered to build my avatar and further than that, I can't figure out HOW to (and don't care to figure it out either, heh)?

BUT yours is cute. And she has arms -- it's just that she's got her hands in her back pockets, which you can't see. But you can see her pretty shoulders. I want her haircut. Think I'll print it out for my hairdresser. Heh.

Well mine is bald (a look I haven't had for 5 years) no arms, brown eyes (mine are blue) and a great rack. I'm scared to show my husband - he might like it more than me. :)

Did you see my high school picture?



I made one of those and then decided I wasn't going to use it so I didn't save it.

And knitting w/o arms, well I guess you could use your feet. you would make the news. Oh wait....you don't seem to have those either.

HEY! Your haircut looks really GOOD! :D

You really are a cutie! But you did not hear it from me.
Hope you are doing better.

I didn't know it existed 'til you posted about it, what does that say about me? ;op

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