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Thursday, August 28, 2008


Oh, jeez, Cookie. I am the queen of denial. If it looks like a moth, I'll tell myself it's a butterfly. I can imagine that someday I'll go into the stash (in my basement, ooooh) and find a giant moth picking his teeth with a clothspin and looking for more "food." Better safe than sorry. And, your stash is totally in line with what is right and proper;-)

I hear yah about the moths. I've been freaking out lately cause I caught 1 moth in my office, and I search hi and low through my stash, no other moths exist.. but I'm just still plain paranoid.
I bought from the Container store "Clear Sweater Drawer", about 4 of them right now, and I had my hubby put up simple shelving, these drawers go on the shelving with lavender and cedar blocks to keep the moths away. What's great is that there clear, so you get to see the pretty yarn. You can fit alot of yarn into one box.

I think that's a manageable stash. And really, it's all about your level of comfort.

Looks like we've both been fixing up the stash - and getting organized!!!!

Love the booties.

Now see, that's about what I have...well, I think I'm down to maybe three tubbies if I squish everything in!

You could just slap a mailing label on them and ship them off to Texas.No more storage problem!

I'm a four tubbie person, too. Four tubbies of yarn is just right...not too much, not too little. Besides the four bathrooms, I have 12 closets (of various sizes) in my house. Stash is piled nicely in one of them.
PS My house is all bathrooms and closets as it is small.

Girl, you don't have nothing, you have four tubbies plus, full of yarn. Pretty amazing for someone who doesn't like to knit.
I think we need to hear more about this laceweight, and the sweater's worth of yarn that needs a destiny.

Did I ever mention how I'm starting find the appeal in the color pink now?

Did I ever mention how I'm starting find the appeal in the color pink now?

Do you have room under your bed to store them?

I'm impressed. I think mine would all fit into one at this point, but I'm only 9 months in. Wish I could tell you where to store it all... you California people need basements.

Looks like a great and reasonable stash to me :^)
That left over sock yarn? Have you considered the mitred square blankie? I have one going (I'm terribly addicted to the mitred square and this is how I get my 'fix') to fill in the black holes...
That tub of lace weight looks especially yummy.

I think you have just the right amount of stash. Not too big, not too small. Me on the other hand? After coming back from the mainland? Out of control. And I haven't even been knitting. Gah.

Huh. I thought all those references to sticking your yarn into "the freezer" was some kind of euphemism for "the stash." I didn't really think there was a freezer somewhere in your place holding all your stash. I'm going to have to readjust my thought process. So, now are you going to put food in the freezer, or have you just opened it to other yarn/fiber possibilities...

Cripes. I should be arrested. I have way more stash than that, and I DON'T KNIT. Perhaps that is WHY I have all that stash. I think I need to reexamine myself. Heh.

1. As long as it's not Tele Tubbies.
2. That IS a lot of yarn, don't try to delude yourself
3. A freezer full of yarn. I love it!
d. :) I hate moths
5. My crackers have had moths too. And my corn starch. Ew.
6. Check your mail
7. Hugs and more hugs.

Its not that bad, but now I really wanna see that mystery lace weight.

I admit to my stash about the way I admit to my weight and age. Complete denial.

Moths? There are no wool moths in California. Surely they would have starved out in the pre-knitting days. I hope.

It's 107 here. Hot. Hot. Hot. I'm knitting my wool Alice Starmore sweater anyway.

Nice tubbies. When do you think the black yarn will make another appearance?

Thanks for the browser suggestion. I had the same problem.

That is a lovely organized stash, Cookie. I do love your ability to create an interesting post while stating that you have nothing to share. Enjoy your yarn!

Yeah, that's an awesome stash. And it looks so much better than mine, which is in two tubs, big piles next to one of the tubs, piled on the chair in the den, in several project bags with patterns and needles, and in a pile next to the Mom Chair in the living room. Maybe I should get some nice, new tubbies and try to organize.... crochet stuff in one tub, knit stuff in another tub.

Uhhhh... I don't think I want to post a photo of my tubbies. I have way too many. And they're overflowing...

Ooh, that is a pretty stash. It's probably some kind of creepy voyeurism, but I like stash gazing. It's also nice to know that all my friends have superior tastes in yarn.

Very nice stash - I have my stash tubs in my bedroom - and I need to find a better place for them but can't. I hate to have it too far away from me. :-)

Very nice stash - I have my tubs in my bedroom, but I'd like to find a better place for them - but I don't like to have them too far away either...:-)

I'm all for the freezer, or at least the garage in general. But then I had my own bug problems so I know the pain of going out in freezing weather to get some stash.

Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks KnittingDaily is a bit on the spammy side. ;o)

p.s. only four bins? I'm a bit disappointed... ;op

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