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Tuesday, August 26, 2008



Wow that's gorgeous.....

Another beautiful shawl! You're amazing!

Holy crap, girl! I was expecting maybe something small, not an entire shawl in such short time. And, it is a beauty!!!!

Delicious! And that is the one and only time I will ever use that word to describe anything oystery.

It's gorgeous but I still don't understand the name Emerald Blue. Really, what is that? LOL

Gasp! Breathtaking!

Mercy, Woman. Your Oyster Bay is a true Beauty. Took my breath clean away! Even now I'm gasping for air :^)

Turbo-knitting! It's lovely.

whew that one is a BEAUT. well, ok, they all are. You make me want to knit lace like crazy!

Wow. Another winner, in only 7 short days. I don't know how you do it! Otter is going to be the best-dressed girl around!

wow - that is amazing! and love that color blue.

Whoa! A work of art!

That is really lovely! Crazy talent, that's what I'm saying.

Wow. It's gorgeous!

The shawl is beautiful, Cookie! It looks like waves of water....love the color.

It took you a WEEK?



That knitted love is just what I need to see right now.

Gorgeous - love the color.

Prettiful!That's one lucky otter.Glad to see you back amongst the (pretty much)living.Hugs!

So beautiful. I may have to do that... after I finish a pink sweater, two shawls, a shrimp sock, a scarf, a mitt and oh... another pair of socks. Some knitting may have occured out here in the wilds of eastern texas.

That is just loverly! You just about have me convinced to pick up a scarf... Ack! I can't start anything else!!! Darn you, Cookie, for being so talented and influential, Darn You!



Holy Crap that is beautiful!!! :D

I'll try to get some good photos for you. Though I think that is perfectly lovely.

Thank You so much!!!! :D


Simply gorgeous! I think I'm starting to get a lace crush on you! :-)

It's gorgeous, a really lovely shawl. I like it with the subtle variegation.

As always, stunned by your speed, productivity and skill!


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