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Sunday, August 17, 2008


Last time I had a boyfriend: 1999.
Last time I had a date: 2003.

There's room in my boat, all aboard.


Oh mercy, honey. Not a one of us women can 'keep' a gay boyfriend (they can be such butterflies)....er.... ok, just what the hell are you talking about anyway. You can bitchslap me any old day. I live in a cave. Go ahead. Give it your best.

You're not supposed to keep them. You're supposed to set free the things you love. And then if they don't come back, you hunt them down and make them pay for messing with you. I'm pretty sure that's the poem that was hanging in Sister Raphael's office when I was in grade school.

:) Really, you don't need the drama wrought by a gay boyfriend. Unless you need new drapes, in which case he could be handy.


That's the only kind I c.a.n. keep. I love you anyway, but not in that way;-)

I'm not so sure what it says. But I do like Carrie's saying, though.

My junior prom date turned out to be gay and I wasn't even trying to keep him. What does that say about me? :D

I miss that particular gay boyfriend.

At least we'll always have each other. ;)


I had a great gay boyfriend once upon a time. Now I see his name in magazines as he's nearly a famous hair dresser. Imagine the creative children we could have had. Oh never mind.

Should I recite "The Perfect Man" to you?

Um. Probably not.

I can't even remember my last boyfriend. *oof!*

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