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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


No one does cryptic quite like you. :)

Nice socks!

Cute sox. Don't worry, when you're stressed just pull up the shorter sock a few times and that will make them match! As to the rest, let me know if I need to go smack someone for you. It's what I live for.

I love those socks, even though they're the same but just a little different...snort. seriously, they're so RED and every good woman should have a pair of red socks.
#2,and 3.... I'm with Nora, and I figure with both of us doing the smacking that princess doesn't have a snowball's chance......
#4 it all comes down to a big MEH. not even.

Your happy place? I hope you find it soon. XOX

Love the red socks.I guess I should stop dropping your name everywhere I go.They don't seem to know you anyway. :p
I'm on board for the smacking someone if necessary.I haven't got to smack anyone in awhile,so I am ready anytime you need me.
But The Closer was good last night,right?That's something.

Sometimes it's hardly worth getting out of bed. I swear! I'll be Nora's smack back-up. Love the socks!

As usual I have no idea what you are talking about. What I do know is that I am getting on the first plane to California. Must. steal. those. socks.

I'm with you on 1 and 2, very curious about 3 and sorry about 4.

is it wrong to love a Cookie rant? it just so echoes my mood today.
Love the socks!
I think my happy place is hiding as well - will let you know if I find out where the hell they went.

Oh crap! Are you out of chocolate?

Very cryptic - hope things get better to match the stunning socks!

I keep trying to tell you that your happy place is in Ohio. Giggles is already miserable so when I kick her out of "your" room we can snicker at her teenage crankiness together.

You know I really hate people who fall off the radar then pop up 6 mos later and act like they just talked to you yesterday. That just annoys the shit outta me.

Yeah. I have my own issues. :-P

I think I understood every cryptic word you said. Would you like to come on vacation with us? I'll make sure you get your own room.

Hmm..sometimes things just dovetail. I read your rant and the next thing to pop up on my blog reader was this.


1.Oh Cookie.
2.I totally AM a special princess snowflake angel. Am so am so!
3.Does this mean I have to pull all the links out of my latest blog post?
4.Oh sure, I stop stalking you for ONE DAY.

WTF do you mean, it's not all about me?

Your socks are pretty.

Cryptic Cookie! Love it, even if I have no idea who you're talking about. Opal, I have a friend like that. We used to be best friends. Now I hear from her at Christmas time and we even trade gifts. But I think that needs to stop. It's hard to know someone if you only hear from them once a year, much less figure out what to get them..and their whole family. erg.

Love the socks - I'm sure you won't even notice the difference (but really? being stressed affects gauge - LOL!). Sounds like things are a little stressful right now - hope it gets better..

Gosh, I got so rant-y that I forgot to say I love the socks! Great pattern and gorgeous yarn.

Oh Cookie, sounds like one of those times you just gotta get away from it all and knit. :/ *hugs*

Stalk stalk stalk.

Holy Moly - you're having quite the time of it. Is there anyone I can bitch-slap for you? No really. You said it quite well but just in case they didn't get it - can I help convey the message for you? I'm damn good at it and being short I've got this Napoleonic thing going on so I'll take on anyone... :)

I really hope things get better! With or without my help.

Nope, not Ohio.
Tis Chicago :D

Pretty socks, great red(s).

I don't think I can fix much but I'm sending hugs on the off-chance it might help.

I would watch out for that stalker Carrie, though. :D

I think I kind of understand what you just wrote. Lets hope the person it was intended for does too. Just remember the saying 'what goes around comes around' whenever you get stressed about this person.

Smack number 4 upside the head! Do you want me to come over and take all of the above out?

You are so good with the cryptic stuff.

I dunno what happened, but I am in the perfect mood to slap a ho, so point me at her!

Cute socks! As to the tension changes, been there, done that. They still look great!

Wiggle your toes in your pretty new socks and try to find your happy place with your feet. At least your "mmm feels so comfy place."

I'm in with Bammer for some ho-slappin'.
Love the socks, they are so fabulously red.

Hey Cookie; I'm pretty much sitting here trolling for a victim. Point me to a target and their own Momma won't recognize them when I'm done. Say the word.

Oh and the socks are way cool!

Love the socks. Love the rants too. Is that wrong?!

I love you. A LOT! Maybe more than your ankle. :D I'm so sorry I haven't had internet for a week. I've missed all of the fun.

I had one of those sock experiences, but mine was insanely different. If I recall correctly, it involved visiting family and medications. I hope the stressful stuff rights itself soon.

I'd have to second April's comment. I wish I could think of a cryptic way to do it, as that would add to the funny, I think. :D

I'm trying to climb you. I'm not proud, I'll admit it. Would you stand still, already? You're making it very difficult. *grin*

p.s. I like your socks. ;o)

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