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Sunday, August 31, 2008


Congrats on surviving the summer - let's hope the next season brings LESS interesting times for you.

Hopefully Autumn will hold better things.I am liking the stripey socks.I still love,love LOVE my socks!I turn up the a/c so I can wear them.
I am not the goal setting type.I admire people who are.I just change my mind too freaking much!
Happy Sunday!

Here's hoping autumn is a better season for you. You have been amazingly productive and held up wonderfully amidst all of it.

I am not quite ready to call an end to summer. It is hot here, too. Please, let me have until the actual, factual end of summer to finish my goals. I can do it! I am so close.

Congrats - really like that sock yarn - I'll be looking it up...

My Summer of Socks 2008 - went way by the wayside this year. I never finished the first pair...too much life going on...

Nice post - I, too, am looking forward to better things in the fall! Love those socks.

Congrats on those snazzy socks, and meeting some of the goals you set for yourself. Summer is not over. Not by a long shot. At least for here in Oklahoma. I just wish the damned grass would quit growing.

I figure our little fur faced lovies are with us a long time.

Happy Sunday! I'm sure Knitty Otter will love her socks -- they look fantastic from here.

The more I see those socks the more I love them. I think it's the narrow dark stripes framing the bright ones. Cuz you know, I need horizontal stripes on my swollen ankles. o.0
If Miss Thang was anything like my dogs, you'll find enough cat hair under the couch to make a whole new cat. Which sounds like a fine idea to me.

718, eh? Really nicely stripy socks. Cool for the Sassy Otter. :D

You had a full Summer. Labor Day is the turning point for me as I always think of Fall starting with school. I hope this season gives you a bit more breathing space, sweetie.

I'm still not done with Vincent. I did just donate the 30 pounds of raw chicken food that was in my freezer to my dental hygienist last Thursday and drained the salmon oil down the sink. I think I'm getting there. Maybe.

You canceled your man? I wish I had thought of that. I want to cancel somebody, too, but I think he's already been shipped or something.

Those stripey socks are WUNDERBAR!!!!

I do so love those stripey socks. And, yes, it's good the summer is behind us. I'm ready for fall.

Really? a month?

and you need a rice cooker!!

Love the socks Cookie. Still so sorry about your Precious One. She was beautiful.

Nice to know I'm not the only one that goes running after rice. :-)


Great socks Cookie - Otter has certainly increased her knitwear wardrobe thanks to you! You're such a friend. Good job on the goals. There's still summer to be had!

Great socks - love the colorway. I hope your autumn is a better season for you!

Love the stripey socks. It's been quite a summer indeed. I can't believe how fast it went by. It seemed to just have zoomed by.

I commend you. Lots of quality knitting done. Im still calling it summer. There is still baseball

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