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Monday, August 11, 2008


Make it a double or something with a fancy umbrella please.

Wow in spite of crying babies, it sounds like you got a really good deal. But you forgot to tell us who won the fight with the washer.

Oh no, it WAS a weird weekend.

ACK! Crying spawn! I'd need a drink just because of that! You are a much better woman than I.

One can never have too many patterns or options.

Just sayin'

Don't you love how much more smoothly our lives run with the assistance of modern technology? ~ksp

I'm going to make a recording of crying babies, sneak into Stacey's house, and put tiny speakers in random places. She'll walk into the room and the lamp will be crying, or maybe one of the pulls on the kitchen cabinets...
Yeah, bring on the likker.

Crying babies... shudder!
/goes off to have a drink, just from the thought...

Stoopid parents, those babies should've been having their lunch and naps. at home.
Most definitely, plenty of weirdness over the weekend. weirdness to spare.
Good score on the new printer/scanner/copier!

I hate crying baby day! I hope your day got better...

I'm intrigued - hope it was a
"good" weird weekend!

What a Monday, Cookie. I hope you hooked up with a nice mojito or something. Great printer deal!

You know, instead of craving a drink, you could freaking PLURK every now & again! Sheeeesh! ;)

Enjoy the printer! That's next on my "to-get" list.


Huh. I live with a crying baby that likes to sleep when we go to Target...

Hmm. Sleeplessness can be OK or not, depending upon the reasons for it.

I had the most normal weekend on earth. You must have had all the weird over by you.

Okay was the printer/scanner/copier on clearance or what? Cuz I really wanna know!!

It was crazy child day at our Target yesterday and when you are feeling icky and restraining from being ill everywhere it wasn't fun.

Better living through pharmaceuticals.

That's my motto.

I think Carrie's trying to make me an alcoholic. Damn hormonal breeders!

Of all the lovely techno-gadgets out there, I hate buying new printers the most. Otherwise I get pretty excited about stuff.

What is it about the ink anyway? Do they use precious oil in it or something?

OMgosh! It was screaming baby day on the plane today too. Awesome.

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