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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


interesting socks.

I like the Cowl thingie. Hopefully it keeps growing as the weather cools. if not I am sure the yarn will become something beautiful.

Beware, dear Cookie, that stuff grows when you wash it. (Even in hot water when you are TRYING to felt it.)
I kinda like the weird socks. They make me think of early fall and farm stands and u-pick produce, for some reason. Now I want to carve a pumpkin. (Yes, Halloween is early fall in AZ.)

The socks are also fancy, matchy-matchy. I need to be careful or I am going to catch cowl.

It's hot. Like Africa hot. Like there's an elephant in my parking lot hot.

So I'm doing what any rational person would. Knitting Christmas stockings and singing Christmas carols.

I like the darned socks. When you were talking about them I thought "What's wrong with 'em?" I also happen to like the cowl, but I like pink now (you knew that;-) and it's a beautiful pattern. I think it's supposed to get cool someday, somewhere.

It's chilly here today, but I did see it was 102 in your area. We might have fall and then I'll send it your way. Love the cowl (you'll need it in about a month) and the socks, too!

oooooo! you're knitting it! I love the yarn and color - I hope it grows up to be a whole cowl soon!

And I like the socks! What's wrong with them anyway? They are very cool.

And thank you.

I love the cowl! It's a great shade of pink. Ahem. And cowls are also great for handspun yarn, you know.

The cowl is quite fetching. I might have to consider one of those. I'd call it a "gator" though, just to be sporty. I do admire the matchiness of the socks. I think they're cute, in a Charlie Brown kinda way!

lovely cowl! I don't think i've seen that pattern yet.

I know that yarn! I have 3 pinks, 1 blue and 1 lavender, bought a couple of years ago with intentions of doing some kind of fair isle for Gracie... it IS soft but as far as I know... it has to be superwash even though it doesn't say that anywhere on the label... people were buying it to felt and it wouldn't. (I personally found it a bit too pricey to be felting with it)... pretty cowl. Funny. I'm knitting the Flared Lace Smoke Ring..
Yep. Stripy socks.
Socks? Not one single sock to my name knitted during SoS. o.O

I love the socks! They remind me of a happy Saturday outside in jeans and a tshirt with maybe a sweater handy because it's just a bit cool. Your JoAnn's has yarn? I stopped in the one sort of near me to get some thread and thought I'd check out the yarn. They had only 3 skeins that weren't acrylic. Very empty shelves and very weird.

Love the cowl - I hope you keep on with it once it gets cooler. The socks are great - love them!

holy crap you knit fast! All gorgeous as always. I especially love the cowl.

socks remind me of those mixed licorice candies--the ones that look tasty but disappoint. Not the socks, the candy.

What a pretty cowl!

I like the stripey socks and I'm betting you could finish them for tomorrow if you wanted to :)

I, also, like the socks. They have a very Saturday with jeans and a sweatshirt feel...nice. The cowl is very pretty. Sorry about the heat. Just visit here...the mornings are in the 50s.

I like the socks.They remind me of a Cosby sweater.The cowl is pretty too.It is still pretty hot around here too.H-O-double T.Kind like H-E-double L.Hot.Makes me long for January.

I think you were right with hawt. Like Texas hawt. If I were you, I'd be fixin'ta sip some sweet tea. Or somthin'. :D

That yarn is really soft. What was JoAnn's doing with it? *L*

Your Cowl is freaking awesome.

As are the socks. ;^)

Oh My. What's the state of the stash?

Thank You so much.


Hey, cool! I'm knitting that lace pattern too, only mine is part of the Wool Peddler's Shawl out of Folk Knits. My first shawl. I'm so proud.

woos the cowl and the socks! the socks remind me of those college socks or something like that.
definitely ready for cooler weather.

Oh the cowl looks fantastic! So do the socks, but all my love is centered on the cowl. I so want to make one.

Love the cowl - beautiful pink. ;o)

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