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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Hmmm, how best to whelm you so you come back to us all refreshed and snarky and homicidal?

Cookie....Cookie, c'mon I know that you are there. Please pick up the phone....purdy please with pink laceweight alpaca on top. Fine.....call me when you get back. But I so know you are there!!

Hang tough, Sweetie.

Hi Cookie, this is Carole. Just wanted to say hi and have a great day. Mwah!

Hi, it's me, I know you're in there listening so I just thought I'd send good vibes for a quick recovery from the overwhelmingness.

I wash my arms first, too.

I don't talk to answering machines. Too many years collecting defaulted student loans.

Hi Cookie,

Mama Squid here. Hope you are feeling less overwhelmed soon. No need to call back. Beeeep.

Im in ur clozet, stealin ur laysw8

Hi you just won the lottery. But since you didn't answer, I'll just send it to Oklahoma. I'm sure she'll share with you. Wishing you the very best whelm.

What is the proper degree of whelmness? I've always wondered.

If you'd like to speak to a knitter, please press or say one.

If you'd like a gin and tonic, please press or say two.

For some reason, I'm thinking shortbread.

Random and cryptic, in a totally "Cookie" sort of way.

*hear whelming being done, say with a bat and a pillow. Also notice giggling*

Hi, it's Angie. The check-out girl at the Pig told me everything is weird and out of sorts this month because we had two full moons. It should be safe soon. I'll check back later! bye.

Pits first then arms...

Oh wait, was that the beep? Crap. Okay I'm totally hanging up and calling back with a normal message. Okay? Okay?

Hey! It's kelly. Nothing to say, just wanted to say hi. Call back when whelmed as needed.

Margaritas are mixed and ready any time you need one or 7.Whatever it takes to get your whelm under control. (((hugs)))

Wishing you well-whelmed levels! You can always come hide here if you need to. *hugs*

uhm...hi...I was out in the yard? And I thought I heard the phone ring? I was thinking maybe it was you since I've been trying to talk to you for DAYS...I mean, I just left you a message like an hour ago and haven't heard from you yet, so...well...I guess since you haven't picked up yet that it wasn't you...uhm...yeah...okaywellcallmebacksoonokay?

p.s. I have to leave right now? So don't try to call me back right away since I won't be home 'til later...okay? Okay. Thanks. Talk to you soon!


Still not the right level of whelminess????

Oh dear. I hope you are feeling better now. It's all that living in an oven. It's frying your brain!
love you!

Hai! Finally feeling whelmed here. How about you?

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