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Sunday, August 03, 2008


What a fabulous gift package!!!! Your Joan is truly a wonderful friend and also, an amazing woman. Can't wait to see what you blocked.

Wow, nice package! Joan really does know how to put them together, doesn't she?
I bought that book ages ago specifically for the Shetland Triangle pattern. I wish I could just subscribe to Evelyn Clark's brain.
I have friends who enjoy the magnetic poetry so much, when they redid their kitchen they had a huge metal plate installed in one wall so they could have various sets going at the same time.

Um, can that be me? Your knitting attorney, I mean? And, is that an attorney who is knitting, or an attorney who specializes in the law of knitters? I'll do either...

Great gifty stuff, all of it absolutely necessary and deserved for a woman who is quite the lovely friend herself.

And I can say that stuff without getting yelled at, right?


PS - We don't want less of you, we want more.

Mercy, it really is good being good :^) That's a LOVELY whack of gifts, so very pretty, and thoughtful, and fun, and apparently 'yum' thrown in there also.
Oh.. we live in a crazy mixed up world, well, most of us were raised in a crazy mixed up world, seriously, who decided women absolutely had to pin their futures on men? 'must have must have whatever it takes must have'... and I'm not talking about the 'real guys' who are actual human beings... I'm talking 'men' as 'society/culture'... ok, the heat, it's so damned hot, I'm pleading the weather.
Yes, we have good women friends. As it should be.

What a super marvelous package! Joan is a champion package putter-together-er, besides being a wonderful friend. I hope you'll review the book for us, it looks very interesting. Magnetic poetry is such fun. Perhaps you can decorate the yarn freezer with some. :D I'm looking forward to your next project.

I second you about that wrap. The Mountain Colors will reveal itself to you/us in time. I wouldn't have my Knitting Attorney if it wasn't for you.

What a lovely package. Considering I usually don't have women as friends, that might be a good book. Please let me know. I can't wait to see everything you do with the yarn.

p.s. I'm with Carrie... the more of you the better. Especially the ankle.


Lovely stuff - what a wonderful gift!

Wow! What a nice box o' prezzies. You are a lucky (and worthy) girl.

That is going to be one gorgeous Shetland Triangle. I knit it once when I checked the book out from the library. I think I may have to do that again, or maybe even buy the whole book just for that pattern. Enjoy your prizes. With such wonderful yardage, the Mountain Colors could become just about any wonderful lace.

I want to do the Shetland Triangle too! I have the yarn all set and ready. How much you wanna bet you'll get to yours first and have it finished before I do? :-P

I really loved knitting my Shetland Triangle. It's the first lace pattern my feeble mind has been able to memorize!!

Lovely stuff. Joan is definitely a good friend.

i was not good - hehehe, but thanks for sharing anyway!
I bet you'll have that Sheltland Triangle finished in no time.
Meanwhile I am still searching for the perfect yarn for it. . .

What a great package! You are one lucky and deserving lady.

tripping the prom queen sounds fascinating. Great colors of yarn also.

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