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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Maybe Otter can help? Maybe have her go in and be your bulldog at the salon?

Wait, wait!! I have some of that Ultra Alpaca - same dyelot even. Want me to dodge raindrops and send it???

And thanks for the birthday wishes and seeing the freezer made my day, in my mind, the yarn was mixed in with Hot Pockets and frozen chicken, wait, that;s my freezer.

OMG, Joan saves the day again! Wahoo!
I have that haircut, except he left the length in the back. I'm thinking it looks like a choppier, less cool version of Mrs. Brady's shag. I should have known - he actually told me he was going brain dead before he got to me. I'm just thankful I still have brows cuz he does my waxing too.
I LURVE that even your heartbreak box is pink.

How I love seeing your freezer. It IS full of yarn!

Honestly why would they sell a badly lit freezer? Just wrong. Nice stuff on ice, btw.

Your heartbreak box is gorgeous.

Doesn't it figure that when you get a bad haircut they tell you to go back to the same place to fix? Why on earth would you? Sounds like a hellish cut. Hopefully it'll grow out fast.

I love the box, the bag, the freezer, Joan, her birthday, and your haircut. Even though I haven't seen it. Get some of that Tigi wax and have at it until it grows a little. Either that or see if you can get an appointment with Nick Arrojo.


That Joan, what a sweetheart, AND saves the day...again! but wait, ultra alpaca? have I missed a post.. the one where you've gotten the yarn, cast on, knit the ST only to run out of yarn on the BO?!?!? ok, I got that last part. rats.
New do voodoo, I realize there are worse things but some days fuck all if I know what'd they be. Hopefully your hair will grow fast and get fixed and all will be well in Hairsville.
Nice freezer contents, btw.

I think in all of my many years, there's been one person who could cut it and make it look good. And...alas, I don't know where he is anymore. I got tired of paying money and having it look like crap so now I cut it myself with extra knitting scissors and the dog clippers. Still looks like crap but at least I'm not paying for it.

Love the box. Love the bag and sock. Your haircut will grow (I tell myself this all the time;-)

Nice freezer! I wish I had one *JUST* like it...but with another lightbulb. Joan, birthday girl and yarn supplier...you just have to love her!

Another week or two of growing on the haircut and you can take it to be transformed into loveliness or at least acceptableness. No, that isn't a real word.

How I covet that box! Target better hurry up and open here. I'm so deprived. :-P

Ooh, the freezer! It's kind of full, I rather thought it was sparsely populated.

Sorry the haircut's not shaping up. My Mac can fix it when you're ready. Who's up for a jaunt to Polk Street?!

I think we have all had one of those haircuts.Great thing is it will grow out eventually.Until then,there's always a hat.Or that heartbreak box would look fab on your head!

If there must be heartbreak, at least you have a nice container for it. I like to think of it more as heartache that will soon be eased.

I don't think I've ever seen you have so many WIP's at once. I don't feel so bad now. :P

Just kidding, love. I'm glad you have some other projects to bounce to when something goes amiss. I'm glad Joan has some of that same yarn. That is truly awesome. :D

And what the hell is up with the fracken heat right now? Back up in the 100's. I hope Saturday it cools down.

What yarn is the red sock? Pretty color.


Two things I hate - running out of yarn while binding off and a lousy haircut! Sorry they both happened to you in the same week!!!

Awwwww, what a heartbreaking post! I just had my hair done last night, and I was about to fall asleep in the chair. I've been peeved that my hairdresser has NOT been able to replicate the really GREAT haircut she did about five cuts ago. What is up with that? Can't a hairstylist worth her salt "read" the hair? -- to me that seems a reasonable request. I say, "I love the way you did it last time -- it was PERFECT!" It's only been FIVE WEEKS. What could be so different? Just do what's already there for fucksake! But no. It seems I've asked the impossible. So this time, leaving for my trip tomorrow, I didn't want to tempt fate and I said, "Leave it pretty much as is. Put in a couple blondes, and call it a day." So she did. Well, sorta. GAAAAAAHHHHHHH!

Anyhoo, I love the box the Boxed Heartbreak is in, too, and I hope our solution works out. I've sent San the color number/dyelot info and fingers crossed!!!! XOXO

You know what the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is......
about 3 days. Or weeks if you are a girl. I saw it is babushka time baby. Hang in there

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