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Saturday, August 09, 2008


Beautiful! The clouds look painted!

What a wonderful sky. Mine has been like that all week. Just the whitest, wispiest clouds ever. At least you don't have mariachi music, screaming kids and 4 wheelers? I'll trade you for your suburbia for the week.

Very pretty. I missed a shot of a totally cloud filled sky but just found my camera. I have the lawn mowers and picked a fight with my jerk neighbor. I won before I even opened my mouth.

Oooh, I can't wait to hear Joan's jerk neighbor story. Our sky is filling up with leftovers from Eduardo, and I'm hoping for a big, nasty vicious storm that makes you hope the windows hold. There's one coming - I hope it doesn't peter out before it gets here.

What a beautiful sky! We're gray/overcast but thank goodness only 80F!
Chickens? I'd be trying to raid for the eggs :^)

Beautiful sky picture.

Today it's hot, humid and hazy here! Will be that way for another 4 months. Gah!

I have a friend who has a pet chicken -and- has it trained to do chickens. Does that add to your random weirdness quotient?

Clucking chickens? Just what kind of neighborhood do you live in? ;-)

Hope you are having a great weekend!
Watch out for the chickens, they can be vicious!

Gorgeous sky!

You just popped "Pleasant Valley Sunday" by The Monkees into my head.

Perfect sky!

Only Carrie would wish for a hurricane.

Chickens: They're what's for dinner!

You have chickens in your neighborhood?! How exciting. I came home from the NJ State Fair and now I so want to keep chickens. It ain't gonna happen. Looks like a beautiful sky. ~ksp

I stopped by here yesterday and got distracted by who knows what. That's what happens when you get to be of a certain age :-) The day was all about errands and even with a list I forgot something. Oh well, I tried.

Gorgeous picture! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

It's beautiful and overall sounds peaceful!

Well, it's now Sunday, but happy Sunday to you! That is one gorgeous sky!

It is beautiful sky, Cookie. I hope your weekend was restful. I see at Stacey's that you were definitely creative! Have a good week!

That is a beautiful sky and the smoke looks to be gone.

Just wanted to say sorry about your cat. It must be hard to lose a companion after such a long time. I don't believe in all those cyber hug things from people who you don't know and I think I would probably be classed as one of those. Just wanted to say sorry for your loss.

I hate the landscaper noise too. And the pollution. It is the worst on Saturday. agreed.

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