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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Pretty! Hope you are having a fabulous Sunday!

Damn, you sound almost perky. Love the socks.

Hoping for some rain to wash the skies. I love your socks. They are beeewwwwtiful. And, my socks have turned into a scarf. Strangest thing.

really like em.
enjou your lay Sunday!

Hooray for cooler temps and beautiful socks!

Vast improvement on your skies :^) May it continue!
Very Pretty socks!

That Thursday sky is kind of scary!

Our sky is looking much better today, too! Lucky Otter, cute socks!

Very pretty socks - I really need to try this pattern. Hope you had a wonderful Sunday!

Those are really sweet socks. Yummy.

I'm glad it is clearing a bit for you. You are so right about Mother Nature as the cruel mistress.

Pretty socks.You DO almost sound chipper.What's up with that?Must be all the smoke inhalation.Have a great Sunday evening!

I hope your sky gets clearer and clearer!

Sorry I'm late, but your socks are fabulous, as usual!

Glad your skies are giving you somewhat of a break. Fingers crossed. I'll be arriving in your state on Thursday night. Hoping not to have to pack a gas mask.

Lovely socks! Hope the yucky outside stays at bay for a good long time.

I love how you knit those socks up. The yarn is more lovely knit up as well.

I may have to try that pattern for trouser socks. It looks very nice.

I'm glad your skies are clearing up a bit. I hope it just gets better and better.


That sky looks wicked-icked. Quite unlike the socks, which look darling. :)

It's nice to see your sky is clearing!

You knit socks? WOW; that's new ;-) They are nice looking socks!

I would love socks like that. Do you sell them some place?

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