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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


We read you because we like you and enjoy your posts no matter what you write about. You are fun. K?

I just read about the earthquake - glad to know all is well.

We read you because we have less nothing than you do.

Must be your cheerful,sunny disposition and ascerbic wit that keeps us coming back for more.Yeah that MUST be it. :p

Mandarin Chicken Salad is the best salad Wendy's has, I think. Mmm.

Thanks for checking up to make sure all is well at Casa de La. Just a little shakin' goin' on. Hugs to you, and you know what for.

I read you because I love you. You are kind, sweet and wonderful. Shhhh... I won't tell anyone. Thanks for checking in and tracking everyone down. See... squishy and cold, dark hearts can co-mingle. :D Whatever you come up with, it'll be good and we'll be back.

I show up for lunch inspiration! I'm in a town with a Wendy's and now I know they have yummy salads. Thanks, Cookie. Oh yeah...I love you, too, that's why I keep coming back. :D

I love Wendy's chicken burgers, but the only near here is about 45 mins away :(

Glad you had a yummy lunch today.

Tax free money? Never heard of it. *dies*

Two straight men who are both lovely. Well the one is... the other I may smack.

Just say'n.

Hope you are having a peaceful afternoon.

The couch offer is always open though. ;)


I'm glad I could help make your day a bit brighter - and I'm sorry you had such a bad one. *hugs*

Because we thinks yer fab! And funny. Though I probably wouldn't want to cross you on a bad day. :)

Mandarin chicken salad is the *only* way to go!!! Love it and the almonds and the noodles and the dressing (half a pack, please) and I scoop up every last morsel.

::wipes drool off keyboard::

We read because we love you. I hope your week improves. I do enjoy those Mandarin Chicken Salads.

Glad to hear all is okay.

I read you because you are Cookie, nuff said.

It's all about the love, darlin' :^)
Mandarin Chicken salad sounds fab, but Wendy's? seriously? I'm trying to think if there's one around here and if there is I might just splurge tomorrow and grab one.
I'm just glad you haven't crashed, according to your biorhythms chart. hang tough. or not. XOX

Just look at all this Cookie love! Everyone needs a little Cookie with their coffee. I do, anyway.

At least it was good nothing

I gotta do something to entertain myself while I pump...ok that's only now. Usually I read you a0 to be in awe of yer mad knittin skillz and b) cuz you write so engagingly -- I FEEL the hate/love.

Glad you were ok after the quake. Haven't seen you on plurk for a while and was starting to wonder!

We read you because, like your hetero men friends, we (sort of) know you and we love you anyway. Heh.

Hey! Wendy's Mandarin Chicken salad rocks! I just wish they weren't so far from work.

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