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Friday, July 11, 2008


LOL! Only you would email them back Cookie...only, you. I didn't realize that Spring looked like Nicole Kidman (I think that is who that is up there) But alas, what do I know. (I know that I probably shouldn't be putting the word alas in a sentence, but I don't think it is a word used enough these days)

Now I know. I'm a spring, too. What a strange quiz, huh? Maybe tomorrow I'll be a winter or fall. I'm so glad you're getting a bit of a break. And, the kitty in the bathroom? We had one that used to sit in the bathtub. She was always happy there. Have a good weekend and take care!

Your cool air is coming our way today, but so is the smoke (still).
Found this by googling....
Sewer SOwer- one who sews; SOOwer- place for human waste
Don't hit me.

What do we call one who sews? Glad the smoke is clearing! xo

I'm spring too, and it's total crap.
Maybe Kitty likes it in the bathroom because it's cool? (Maybe if she gets in the tub you could close the curtain for pretend-privacy? Maybe since I have a kid who comes in the bathroom to ask if I'm having poopies means I don't know privacy anymore.)
And I don't care what Margene googled, I always read it "soo-ers". Couldn't they have said, "HEY, do you like to sew or quilt?" and make it easier on us all? (My brain is messed up now because I was going to suggest renaming soo-ers as crapshoots, but that of course introduces other problems.)

Spring here also, and yes, just a bunch of crap. I always like commenting after Carrie, she's so funny.
YAY!! on the cool delta breeze blowing the smoke out and having 14 degree cooler temps and... well... hopefully kitty will spend some time in another room for awhile... for that privacy issue... :^)

I have to agree with Carrie. I'd rather have a cat in the bathroom than a kid. We had a dog who trained us to allow him in the bathroom, because if you ever went in and closed the door and didn't let him come in, he'd pee on the floor in front of the bathroom. So, I have officially been trained and don't mind the company of any creature while I'm in there, as long as said creature is unable to communicate about anything witnessed while in the bathroom with me.

Okay, my cat, White Dot, insists on having water drawn in the sink for his refreshment almost *every* time I'm near the sink. I'm glad for your cooler temps and the delta wind. What exactly *is* a delta wind?

Heh. I'm Fall.

I'm so glad you're not a sewer. Just thinking of all the "hugs" we've exchanged and the thought that you might be one makes me want to run to the shower.

My Onyx spent a lot of time in the bathtub during the hot months. Maybe it's just cooler there?

Perhaps the cool tiles are, dare I say it, cool?

Privacy is over rated. But then I did finally train my family to leave me alone in there. The policy is "if it doesn't involve fire or blood, it can wait."

Did the people at Joann's write back yet?

Too funny you wrote back to Joann's! My cat hangs out in the bathroom too - I think it is the cool tiles...

Oh I so totally love it when corporate America gets a slap in the face. Good for you!

When I match up a crappy day and lack of machine, I am a hand sewer. Add to that the fact that I am quite a sweater, and it has nothing to do with knitting. Glad you are getting a little bit of relief from the heat and smoke.

Yeah for cooler. It's wonderful in the central valley. A little overcast, but it's not smoke and it's not HOT.
Maybe she likes the cool tile. I've already thought of doing something like that. :D

Talk to you later.

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