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Saturday, July 26, 2008


I'm so glad you made it home! People run away from this town on the weekends... well except for the weirdos who come to go 4 wheeling. (((hugs)))
What ever you come up with, it will be wonderful. How many yards is it?
My Scooter loves the bathroom window for some reason.

poor kitty, happy bag!
and I'm sure Panda-boy has regrets. nyah nyah to him.

cute bag.

We too went out into the masses today to deal with Saturday crowds. Although all I came home with was some prints for a client. *pout*

That's some pretty silk laceweight. I'm glad to hear you have some blue skies.

Cute bag! ;o)

Was he irritable?
Love the laceweight. Do you have a pattern in mind or direction from Sil on what it should be? (Besides lace, I mean.)

Poor Sil. So lace deprived.

cough, cough.

Cute panda fabric! Too bad "the" panda is a goof for falling out of your good graces.

We did errands in a small town in the morning with no problem then I had to get feline food this afternoon in the big city. /sigh.

Love the tomato red description of the yarn. Sil came to the right person to coerce loveliness to appear.

Happy Saturday, Cookie!

My sister is rather mean...I must reiterate, it's not the yarn - it's me. Sounds like the breakup speech doesn't it? Thanks for taking my yarn under advisement.

The panda bag is darling. The silk laceweight is gorgeous. Hope your Saturday is or was wonderful.

OMGosh! I love that panda fabric! I have a panda bag too. I should take a picture of it. The panda's look like they're on shrooms or something though. :-D

That is a fabulous little tote. The new lace yarn is ready for the needles, and it is enough for something fabulous.

Yes, you are the queen of beating yarn into submission! Good luck with this new challenge!

If anyone can whoopass on that yarn, you can. It's very pretty. And the bag is fab!! I should get something other than ziplocks for my sock projects...


You sound almost joyful today. Who are you? And what have you done with Cookie?

Nice yarn! Love to see your new shawls appear, like magic (to me, anyway).
BTW, your new banner is spiffin'.

Love the Panda bag chickie. May have to raid the Dollar Spot at my target and see if I can find a mate.

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