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Monday, July 07, 2008


Congrats. I can't wait to see what you do with the prizes. And your Icarus is gorgeous. So very pretty and someday, somewhere long in the future, you will have reason to wear it. Maybe. We hope.

The color is gorgeous Cookie.

Yeah the heat and smoke is a bit to bear right now. Hugs honey.

Congrats on all of these successes and love. I do love your Icarus. I do not know what it is about this pattern that makes it such a slog. Mine is still sitting in a bag waiting for me dredge up the will to finish it.

second attempt to comment... damn typepad...

I love it. I love the color. I love the unique specialness of it. It reminds me of you. :D


Beautiful it is. How many times can you wrap it around?
Smelling doesn't hurt "the will to live"...it's now just in a different form..that's all.

Yeah, it's Monday. and highly overrated. by who I don't know :^)
YAY! Icarus is Beautiful! Since I've never seen one up close and personal and don't know WHAT... is different about yours.. it looks mighty fine, beyond mighty fine!
I KNOW! I saw where you won the contest at Margene's, Congrats!
Chinese food and fresh baked cookies sound good to me, especially if I don't have to cook/bake in order to have.
Wishing you some cool breezes.

Yay for Icarus! It's such a lovely pattern.

Your Icarus is lovely, Cookie. Your variation is cool and I'm glad you completed it. Now, I have to get on it. :D Stacey's waiting.

Yeah!I knew you would persist and defeat Icarus.I think it's gorgeous.Cookies and chinese food.Sounds like a balanced diet to me.

Lovely! What's up with Knitpicks' morals? I'd offer a room at my place for some coolth, only we just got home to a dead AC. SOB.

That edge is a thing of beauty. I think.

Ah, the subtle critical difference between over and done.

I'm working on that myself.

Any more blue skies?

Whoohooo! Girl, that's an Icarus, Deluxe Edition. It's awesome. I'm glad we posted the fo on the same day, even though you were technically done weeks ago...

I love that you won Margene's contest.


I love it! Really. It sounds huge! You could fit two people under it.

I love the change in the edging. And maybe you will get a day cold enough to wear it or failing that, bring it here someday.

Yea!!! Great job. Love those points.

I would not dream of judging you. I have it on good authority that you (or someone) would judge me right back, and that scares me.

I love the Icarus. I hate that I almost typed this comment in Plurkese. Gah.

So... my Icarus out of Joan-Yarn has gone to Daedelus, and I'm about 3/8 of the way (vertically anyway, we're not discussing the percentages...). I'm wondering now why I added those beads....
I think mine will be smaller though. (phew)

I love Icarus. Must knit one.

Icarus is gorgeous! Congrats on getting it done - and love the change in the edging.

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