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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The bag if FABULOUS! The sock is cute too! :)

It's an absolutely lovely bag. Is that a cat perch you posed the bag on? Esau Marie's is a ghastly beige, not a pretty blue.

Lucky you...pretty bag! Easy to please...fat chance.

I don't believe i know that song. But usually screaming angry boys is my specialty.

The bag is pretty. Your friends have good taste... but you knew that.

cute bag and that yarn is delic!

I need to make friends with Jessalu.

Great bag! Great yarn, too.

You've always got the cool stuff.

love the bag! one of my friends is making me some sort of squarish bag. :) also great sock yarn!

btw, please send any spare single men over my way. kthanks!

awww *blush*

Saweeeet! The bag. Not the screaming confused boy, yah, I'm too old to call it 'music', definitely.

That bag is fabulous!! :D

The sock is pretty too.

*snorts at the last bit of your post*


That bag is wonderful just like she is. And you. But I won't tell anyone the secret!

very cute!

well well! wasn't THAT nice of her!!!??

Oooh the bag is very classy! And the sock is fun =) Keep it.

You know that I like the sock, I like all your socks and the bag is wonderful.

Lovely bag and fabulous yarn. (love the stitch marker is getting used)Frog it and pick something else from the freezer. Life's too short.
Love that last bit. I may have to quote that.

I adore the bag! And I like the sock. Let the sock live. Let it LIVE! (I may be a tad overworked...)

So pretty- both the yarn and the bag.

That JessaLu...so talented.

Cute bag and I used very similar yarn to make my plain picot edged vanilla sock too. Kinda spooky.

I'm about to swoon from the prettiness!

Ooo, that's a very pretty bag.

However, inquiring minds must know - what is that sock yarn?

That is a marvelous bag! The zipper pull is great. Yummy yarn and sock, too.

Too cute!

She made one for me, too!

Lovely bag! Jessalu certainly has a talent with the sewing machine. Hugs!

That is just so CUTE. I like the beginning of sock, too.

Mmm, that bag is gorgeous!

I like the sock yarn. Best of luck with the sock.

If JessaLu isn't on etsy..she should be. Gorgeous bag. And lucky Cookie!

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