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Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Pretty sock and I love your answers.

Everyday I learn something new from Cookie.

Orange, be still my heart.

No surprise that I love that orange!

I'm liking the orange and the pattern. I must look into this.

I'm especially fond of the answer to Number 3. I live my blog post fantasies vicariously through you, I swear.

Love the new sock...but a he?!!? Is this a stupid sock perhaps....because we all know that boys are stupid...or some other such thing.

Uh oh, what did I do now?
You do so negotiate with nutballs - you email ME all the time!

And here I thought we were all rather nutballish...
Mmmm, the orange is Good.

Really nice orange! 100 pairs of socks, huh??? Boy, do I have a ways to go to even come close to your knitting of socks!

That is mega-orange. Vibrant orange. I do love it.

Spring Forward is my next sock to make. But I have two on the needles right now, so I have to finish at least one of them first.

Squeeee!Thats my squeezy cheese!I am lovin it.
I hate people today too.That's why I stayed in my house and refused to leave.I think it's hormonal.But probably just the bitchy coming out again.

I think socks might be the most sensible thing to do when the bad behavior gets to be too much. I would have a lot of socks if I adopted this coping strategy.

The new sock is beautiful. I love the colors and the great pattern.

Reading the answers to the contest questionnaire has been so much fun. I am indeed getting to know people and being entertained.

I do like that orange yarn! So happy looking despite how stupid people are. ;)

oooh... purdy sock. I love that orange.

The orange is beautiful! Almost like a cool orange creamsicle. Yummy!
#3 and 17. *gigglesnort* Have I told you that I love you?

Orange? Eep. I've already been traumatized by orange stairs. Now an orange sock?


You know I love what you do and that sock actually reminds me of orange sherbet. It looks good enough to eat. Like I said, it'll make you regular and floss your teeth at the same time.

Oh I do so love that yarn. Yum, yum!

Love the orange sock. Love the question and answers,too, especially the island one.

I am soooooo loving that orange sock. That is the perfect shade of orange (ok, who am I fooling - to me everything is the perfect shade of orange! LOL!) I love it though, and can't wait to see the lovely sock emerge finished and drop dead gorgeous!

Thank you for the perspective on the Puppy-poopers ... you are right. She is someone who rarely sees the good in anything, and seems to be happier spouting mysery. I am going to do my best to put her out of my mind and focus on that swee little smushy face and anticipate the puppy breath and cuddleness of a new pup. You cheered me greatly.

I might have to do this one... I like your Maria answer. (Might make her sing some really high notes for a few minutes, though.) For that matter I like all your answers.

I *really* like your Maria answer. ;o)

I am loving that yarn. The colour is lovely and summery and cheered me up because we have rain over here in the UK.

Thanks for the link to the competition. I've done my answers.

I knew all that. ;^)

I love your Maria answer the best.

What is the orange yarn? That's not that one stuff you went back for is it? Looks good. How's he going on your preferred needle size now? :D

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