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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Start something new. I mean really, you need a new sock to put in your new bag. And swatch Sil's lace, of course. And start yourself a sweater. And also, maybe a skirt? And a new lace wrap for yourself. And, um? Some mittens. Stranded, of course.

PS - Very very pretty socks.

The socks are pretty. I love that pink. (shut up) Crap, this means I may have to buy that book. I don't think I have the issue of IK it was in. Perhaps in a lovely Neopolatin color way I have.
How about do what you will love doing? Is it playing with Sil's lace? Then do it. Another pair of socks? Do it. How about a completely new project? Go to the freezer and pull something out without looking.
Erm... do you realize how much love was in that post? :D

Hey, I know those socks!! And love them... Very nice. I do like the way the heels look - so trim and ... heel-like!

A girl always have to have socks going, right? So start some new ones, and start something else fun.

Lovely socks! I say, swatch the laceweight!

I am literally sitting here with my mouth agape ... those are so, so, so pretty. Now I will have to buy or borrow that book (I have some pink bamboo that would be really nice as those socks!

I think you should cast on another pair of those ... I like them so much -- I wouldn't mind seeing them again soon on your blog. You may not be up for them again so soon though. LOL!

Those socks are so pretty! I'd go back to the red.

OOOOOHHHH, pretty pink socks. I love them. As for what's next? I'd start something new, wouldn't you???

The socks are quite lovely. My mom has my book with the pattern -- I'll have to recommend it to her.

I think next should be more socks since it is nice to have a pair going...even if they are there just in case. I also think a new project. You really *are* far behind our Joan in number of projects in the works. :D How about a nice felted bag?


Gorgeous socks! Start something new, it's Sunday.
That's my favorite excuse, followed by it's Monday, it's Tuesday...
And is Angie trying to start something??

Love the socks - so pretty! I think you should start something new - I'm trying to finish WIPs and think someone should have some fun...

So Pretty, the little girl in me just melted seeing your socks.
hmmmmm, what to do next? Whatever you want. Whatever you feel like doing... :^)

I'm sorry, I'm all distracted since I couldn't find the panda bags at Target. Not that I was going to get one, really, but I wanted to see them since I was there.
But I did see some awesome panda to-do lists. Tempted.

oh, and I vote the red. Do something fun with it to make it pretty.

Beautiful socks!

NO LACE!!! Socks... definately a nice pair of socks, maybe in some Araucania Ranco Multi that I was telling you about. Did you ever find it at your LYS? If not, let me know, and I'll hook you up with some.

Toilet paper cozy!

Very pretty lace pattern! I can see why it merited a repeat. I would vote for a mint julep or a nap for your next project.

Gorgeous socks! You know, I'm getting the itch to knit again... *hrm*

What? No more socks?

Oh my heavens....those are so beautiful. Nice work.

very nice. Did you change you page? I like it.

Those socks are beyond fabulous. I really need to knit that pattern at some point. It is just lovely and very well executed by you so now I have to try them. :D


Mmmm -- love.

Those are so beautiful. I think I need to go see if I have the pattern.

Oh those are SO pretty!!!

Yay!! They look wonderful! So glad you enjoyed the yarn. :)

The socks are beautiful, but you are freaking me out a little, since I just finished a pair of socks in that same pattern... in a hand-dyed merino-tencel blend. But you did a different kind of heel and mine are purple so it's all ok, right?

Those are so pretty! In my favourite colour. Yummy. If you decide you don't want them, I'll be happy to give them a loving home. Honest.

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