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Monday, July 14, 2008


I'm loving and coveting your fiber.

OMG, PERKINESS AGAIN!!! Where is Cookie? Who are you? What Stepford-like alien has taken over Cookie's blog?
I love that fiber, and I love that it's cloudy out, and I love that Bug is wearing Big Boy Thomas Train Underpants today. I do not love that I will likely have 4-5 pairs of Big Boy Thomas Train Underpants to wash tonight.

loving? mmm that I still have a month with my baby before my life becomes pwned by school

I'm loving the fog... and the fog lifting... and the peace in the house today.

oh, and that fiber!

Loving the fiber. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Loving your chipper, cheery mood. Loving that Monday is almost over!

Ok, she's out of the bathroom but is she happy? Is she mooing? (that still cracks me up)
You ARE perky!
I'm loving that the yard work is finished for the day, that it was a relatively mild temped day since I had to be out there toiling away..I'd really love having my current project finished because I am so in the mood for some sock action.
That fibre is Very Pretty...

Yum, I know what I am loving!! Thanks for sharing that yummy fiber. Jessica really outdid herself. Thanks for letting me know about my broken linkie earlier.

Well, I'm loving you and PK for working it out. I'm loving my dogs for being good today. I'm loving my Closer T-shirt.

I'm loving that you just reminded me The Closer is returning tonight :-) I found your blog recently, through Ravelry, I think. I lived in Sac for two years and miss it. Though would be hating the smokiness...

Thanks for the fun reading and amazing knitting.

And I am loving that Roses in the Dark, too.

How will you go to the bathroom? I assume you DO that in Cali??

Loving that fiber.I am also loving the cooler temps and the rain we have been getting here.Mostly,I am loving sleeping in til at least 9 am til school starts again any.6 more weeks!

I am loving the happier you. And the happy packet I got in the mail today (no reason gifts are so much fun) And I love your fiber. And I love it that I think I will finish the leg of one sock tonight.

Yay for the cat out of the [bag] bathroom. Give her a kiss for me, even tho I'm not a cat person.

Pretty, pretty fiber!

I'm loving LibraryThing.com today and I can't believe it's almost 4:00.

i am loving wearing three knitted items to work today. I think there's a law against any more than that, right?

Even a non-spinner like me can see how luscious & inviting that fiber is.
I, personally, am loving our new grill. My son is trying beer butt chicken on it as I speak.

Love the interesting cheeriness. Love that DH picked up a we bake it pizza for dinner. Love the current weather.

Love the Cookie.

Love Zarzuelas roving. That is so pretty. :D When you going to get into it it, or is that a save for the wheel kinda thing?

I saw an interview with The actress that plays your Brenda and they had a clip from the show. Really makes me wish I had cable or a netflix (or whatever the hell that thing is) account so I could watch it. It would be way cool if the folks over at The Closer gave you the first season to give away on your blog. And one for you too of course.

I never even heard of the show until you started mentioning it. :D

I also had no idea that Kyra Sedgwick was married to Keven Bacon. Learn something new everyday. *L*

I hope the kitty continues to stay out of the bathroom so much.


Love that fiber. Love my fiber friends. Maybe I love my new fiber cereal, too, or maybe I am sleep-deprived.

I love my kitties even if they don't love me. Seriously. They spend all their time hiding these days. Feh.

I love The Closer! And I did get to watch a lot of the shows yesterday. Today I need to get off my butt and move around!

Oh, Sweetie! The fiber is gorgeous. I'm glad you're having a good day and that you have the sock mojo. Can't wait to see your newest pair. The kitty is only trying to lull you into complacency so that she can work her way back into the bathroom;-)

Pretty! Makes me want to go out on the terrace and spin up what I have so I can buy it! Lucky you.

Awww.... thanks so much for the plug!! I'm loving that I have another happy customer/friend. :)

Mmmmm. Yummy! I missed Brenda. Although I had a lots of Pope this weekend. :D Yes, that is his last name. Yes, I associated it with the closer. No, I apparently do not have a life.

That is easy to love, even for a non-spinner! Maybe especially for a non-spinner -- forbidden fruit.

Lovin' cool mornings and long bike rides, even if I did take a wrong turn on the trail. And getting the new colorway of Twisted yarn, on its way to me soon. And seeing blog-friends in person this weekend for the first time!

Wait. I'm confused...don't you need a wheel to spin? /runs

Loving clothing sales (hit an outlet mall today and scored big times for my kids) and Dexter Season 1 ondemand from Netflix!

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