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Thursday, July 17, 2008


I agree about scissors. The rule around here was that NO ONE touches my fabric scissors because if they are in one hand there had better be fabric in the other!!

Bead websites? WTF?
And I'm with Carole, except that if someone touches my Ginghers there is nothing that will save them. Because my house is filled with men and we know that your average man cannot even cut fabric right. (Once he asked me to hand them to him so he could....I can hardly type it...open a box.)
I like that you could alternately stab or whack someone with those scissors.

Lovely goodies - I highly recommend hiding those scissors ;)

Very happy to have made today a better day.
Smith once cut his mustache with a pair of my embroidery scissors. It's a wonder he's alive and I'm not in prison.

What a lovely lovely package. Your Zen must be solid, girl. As for missing you yesterday? Well, hell yes I did.

I am a scissor Nazi. We have certain scissors for paper, fabric, thread, photos.....the kids always ask before they start to cut. Cuz if you have the wrong Scissor, watch out!

Awww, what a delightful 'win'... yes, those scissors are pretty and where the heck does one find those Post Its?

Wow! That's a major happy-making package! I love it all, but those post-its..they're truly much more classy than the ones I use. Are you going to start making scissor fobs? It's a good way to hopefully make sure others know that that pair of scissors is special.

I love those scissors. I used to have a pair like them. Who knows where they wandered off to. That fob is cute too.

I'm all about the solids and semi-solids too. They just make the more intricate patterns show up more. Better. You know what I mean.

What a great package!

I NEED those post-its!!! I have four projects that I am literally AFRAID to pick up again because I have.no.idea.where.I.left.OFF. (also, no idea of needle size and other important info, such as maybe even possibly WHICH FRIGGING PATTERN IT IS. Ok, I'm exaggerating slightly, but only just...)

I can see why you're less cranky - packages like that will make just about anybody happier ;o)

Cranky? Really? I wonder...

Love the scissor fob. I hide my "good" scissors and won't let anyone use my "good" knives either. Unless they want to carve up a melon for me.

Oooh! That is an excellent margene package. I covet the scissors and fob.

The good thing is that you care enough to get mad. The bad part is that there are jerks or situations or both that make you mad.

I love those post-its! I got a pack of them as a present, but I can't find them anywhere. I've been using them sparingly.
What a wonderful package.
People suck.

Deep breaths honey! And lovely acquisitions! :)

That is some sweet yarn you got there. :D

Those scissors are truly awesome though. Love the protector thingy.

You can never have too many scissors or tape measures!

Wonderful prize for a wonderful-ish person! hahahahahaha! Oh, I'm sorry. I was just going to write WONDERFUL (which is my intention, really) but my funny bone just wouldn't leave it alone! :D
I love post its too and have NEVER seen those. They are FAB!
hugs to you..

Could you tell us where the notes came from? They're cute and very handy. I love the pretty scissors fob, too.

Could you tell us where the notes came from? They're cute and very handy. I love the pretty scissors fob, too.

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