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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


*does a happy dance*



Yay! ;o)


I've got mine on the back burner... Lace really hurts my head...

If I were the type to actually squeal like a little pig you'd be hearing me squeal... the spirit is there :^) can't.hardly.wait.

Yeah! At least we know you weren't eaten by it? Or your cat. :D


Um, very nice, but I really don't think that excuses you from an actual blog post with good content.
Where's my stick?

Can't wait!!!!!!!

I am glad to hear you are blocking. And that the uncontrollable bleeding has ceased. It would be terrible for swallowtail to die a horrible death at the end.

SO Exciting! I can't wait! (This would be one of those great moments to say the word "squeee" but I don't say "squeee")

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