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Thursday, July 24, 2008


I do so love that bag.
Oooh, Nancy Bush has a new pattern out? I occasionally forget that I preordered her new book for my birthday but my little ears perk up whenever I hear her name. (You know, in a reading-on-the-internet fashion.)
Can I be Nancy Bush when I grow up? I looked it up on Ravelry...WANT.

We get like three days of winter....if we're lucky. We usually get snowbirds...which is worse than summer.

I was going to ask you if you had that magazine. That shawl has interesting construction and more than enough nupps. What yarn?
Glad you're using the bag.

Love that bag. must show it to daughter. then there will be one more loving that bag.
Must go check out the new Nancy Bush shawl.

I love your new header! Is that Art Dept East? I like the Fuck! bag from that store. I ended up subscribing to Piecework because of all of the great stuff in there.
xoxo (((hugs))))

That shawl is nupp-overload, but I think I must knit it.

grats on teh laundry!

Do people give you extra space when you carry that bag? I think my California girls need to visit the Midwest (Wisconsin, especially) in the summer. We would all be happier. :D

I have that issue.....somewhere.

I adore that tote. I might have to get one for myself. It's a tote right? So that doesn't really count as a -bag-. Otherwise that might be the 4th bag I buy this month. *gulp*

Yes, what Angie said. Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival, Cookie. Live the dream.

I love the header!! I love the bag even more. You should also have one that says "Shut Up and Knit," methinks. (Or maybe "Keep your shit tight." Or both.)


I cannot wait to see your interpretation of the Nancy Bush scarf. Your bag says it all doesn't it? Have a great weekend!!! Oh, and I washed my woolens last weekend, so we're both on the same page;-)

great tote. Planning is good.

Oh. MY GOD! That bag is PERFECT! Somebody really knows you! :D
I cannot wait to see you knot that new Nancy Bush shawl!I just love nupps!!

Popping in fron Tucson to say hi.

It's hot and raining here. Magnificent lightening storm last night.

The shawl is beautiful, but you already knew that.


That bag is awesome.

That is so perfect for you.

I think I need to get myself the "Shop with a reusable bag b*tch!". *L*

I need to go look through that magazine. I don't think I've ever seen it before. The name sounds familiar though.

The air is already much cooler at night and in the mornings. We jumped into summer and skipped fall. If we do that with winter and skip fall I'm gonna be pissed. :/


Great bag!!!!

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