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Sunday, June 29, 2008


They are still pretty cute on you even if you think they are a bit too big. In winter over a pair of handmade socks they might just be the perfect thing. ;)

That yarn is pretty fun to work with. It'd be neat to see a Cardi out of it.



Wow... ok, don't take this in a creepy way, but mercy, your skin looks like baby skin, how do you do that?
ok, never mind.
The slippers are really pretty (especially next to that baby skin :^)

I'd say run them through again but you could wait a week or two, and I agree, this winter with a pair of socks on? a bit snugger? snug enough? I have a pair of the felted clogs and yep, very slippery and fun on hard wood floors.
aahhh, love and cursing, they just go together so well...

If the sliding is too much, I add puff paint (Tulip fabric paint from Michael's or Jo-Anns) to the bottoms. That seems to make them much safer. I know, it takes the fun out of it, but it is better than landing awkwardly.

Lamb's Pride is a simple wonderful little secret. Such a GREAT yarn, so great to knit with, and makes such a lovely sweater. So many fancier yarns have come around that we sometimes forget about the old L.P.

I had a simliar experience with that pattern and did surgery on a pair. Documented here:
with the final surgery here

I never did get around to trying them again.....but they are awful cute in pink!

Cookie, those slippers are really, really, really cute. If you don't want them, send them to me. >:D

For the fit, have you considered a little ribbon tie deal? Or a bit of a mary jane look with decorative ribbon and elastic with a button?

I like Angie's ideas but I think I agree with Otter... comfy over socks. Pink sure is a beautiful color. :D The box says so.

I don't think I would like to be a German on holiday in Spain at the moment. I agree though the right team won. We English didn't even qualify for the tournament. Shows the state of our football at the moment.

Ooohh, those are SO CUTE! Ya know, I've totally eschewed the idea of knitting clogs or any shoe to be felted, for the very reason you cite - felting is just not an exact science. You might be able to get them smaller, especially so if you blocked them ON your feet - that would be fun, huh??

Lamb's Pride rocks - you can't beat the price, and the yarn is lovely. That color is just about perfect, I think.

Can you get running really fast and then slide? I find that's much better and way less mature! And I love them.

I keep thinking I'm going to make those....
I'll be interested to see if you can felt a tad more out of them.

The cuteness! It's unbelievable! And all the more so because they're a little too big.

I love Lamb's Pride and I really do wish I could use more of it here in my climate. I need to find more people to outfit in warm woolens.

Run them through again -- a smidge too small can be stretched and felted items do stretch somewhat.

I am a huge fan of lambs pride!

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