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Sunday, June 08, 2008


What's his name would wear socks with pink on them? He is more secure than my what's his name.

...ffs... I forgot to tell you happy blog-birthday...so.. Happy Blog-Birthday!

Pretty Cookie socks :^)

Those are cute socks. I have a similar colorway in a different yarn. http://www.ravelry.com/people/PurlingDervish/stash/hand-dyed-sock-yarn

Yes, I am all about putting links in comments today. Oh and I say rip the Icarus and start over with me. :D

Eh. Not weird at all. Now painting your little black and white Chihuahua's nails hot pink when you were doing your nails... that could be a little strange.


Gotta get me some of that cookie yarn.Its purty.

Very nice Cookie yarn - looks like Neapolitan ice cream, and I love pink and brown together. Hope whatshishame will be appropriately appreciative!!


I could use a pedicure, too. :)

Happy Sunday to you too Cookie.

Love the colorway.

Speaking of color, I must go slap coat one of the paint up on the walls in my bedroom. Hubby was kind enough to prime for me.

We'll be moved back in this week. Yeah!

Those colors are great. Starting a new pair of socks is an excellent decision when you have some lace that is not quite ready to be ripped. I hope the pedicure goes well.

Nothing about those plans seems strange to me ... Nope. Not here.

Did she like her pedicure?

Great scout colorway. cheerful. neopoiltan.

That sock yarn reminds me of those crunchy wafer cookies with the sugary filling.

I pulled ticks off of dogs yesterday, not exactly a cat-pedi but just as much wrestling.

Oh wow. I love that sock yarn. Truly beauteous dude. ( I have not had enough sleep. )

The socks are looking marvey and the color does remind me of Neapolitan ice cream...something a bit different with every post, err, bite. Just like a Cookie. Happy 2nd!

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