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Saturday, June 28, 2008


I'm sorry about the skies. At least ours are pure gray for a reason (clouds). Glad to hear about the washer. And, naive is not necessarily a bad thing to be:-)

ack.. may your breezes become stronger and blow the smoke aWAY..
no blue skies here, clouds and spotty showers.... thankfully it's 'nice' at 72F but throw in 90% humidity (at the moment it's not actually raining)...
glad to hear washing machine is fine... do you have one of those nylon netty bags to felt in? I'm thinking they have saved the lives of many a washer.
Happy Saturday to you.

Marianne's netty bag idea is a good one. It is amazing how much fiber comes off a felting project.

Good luck for some strong breezes and blue skies.

Sheesh! Do I need to send a tank of oxygen over for you and PK?

I hope you get some good strong winds to blow all that out for y'all. That's how we lucked out over here.

I can't wait to see what almost killed the washer. Hope the washer lives. o.0


/blowing really hard towards you

Did it help? At least my sky has a little blue tint to it. ((hugs))

Would telling you about the drunk dialing neighbor whose wife is back in the hospital trying to feel me up distract you?

I wish I could send you some trade winds, but it seems that they've disappeared from here too. I wonder if there's some kind of ancient wind dance we can do?

Wow - I hope things improve soon... We had more winds and rain, but also sunshine and clear skies to balance things.

I'll bet you could get some great tips on washing machines and pattern following at that place you like in the innernets... ;)


Ewwww I am so sorry you have to endure that. We were lucky and only had two days of smoke from the fires that are east of us.


Oh I do hope there is relief soon. It must be very difficult to breathe. I hope you and kitty can stay inside.

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