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Thursday, June 12, 2008


I think empty toilet paper rolls work well for storing singles. This does NOT make us even for Zuma.

Wind the singles on to dowels as Judy does.
Then you can ply them off when you're ready.

Dowels are a great idea.

I vote for dowels. If you're going to ply. If not, skein it and wash it. You always have a back up spindle and other fiber. *coughhankiescough* :D Just sayin'.
I do like Carole's idea of a wheel. Bobbins work quite well. You should really come down here to So Cal and I can take you to the Weaver's Cottage. Those ladies will fix you right up/

Oooh! Dowels are a good idea! I'm going to spindle during my 10 mins a day too. I can't spin on my wheel because I hurt my knee. :-(

I cannot comment upon spinning, but commend your commitment.

Bloglines didn't hit this time - even on the feed that was working for me yesterday. Aaaahhhh!


Ahhhh...Zuma. I've been meditating on the Mighty Zuma of late, getting next to nothing done. Can't get past level 8.

I've been spinning on my kick spindle, making progress, albeit slow progress. I wrap my singles around old medicine bottles in cake form. Not sure if that's what you're supposed to do but it gives me a center pull and makes plying work out okay.

But I'm such a beginner and am probably doing everything wrong anyway.

I can spin 10 minutes a day. Not a spindle, though. I suck at spindle spinning. That is such a good idea. Oh, don't feel bad about the pink from March. It's taken me a year to spin my Puesta del Sol roving from Scout. Excuse me. I need to hang my head in shame.

This is definitely an excellent idea! Perhaps I will follow along without actually "joining up" as I fear with all the things that I have going this summer I may be a miserable failure. At least I know today and tomorrow I'll be doing more than 10 min. :)

I think smatterings judy also uses straws over the dowel too, so when it's all full she can just slide it off the spindle and start a new one.

Great idea! I'm in! Thanks for posting it :-D

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