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Sunday, June 15, 2008


Oooh pretty! Love that colorway. And you made me LOL with "Time Served". Sometimes it feels that way, eh?

Mmm. Ice cream colors. Very nice indeed! On 1s? Yeesh. Life is a bit short for that, but it looks like you moved along very quickly nonetheless. Maybe that should be your handicap in SOS? We'll make you knit with 0s....


What wonderful socks! I'm sure he'll enjoy them. :D Hmmmm... you may have given me an idea! (Run! Now! Save yourself!)

Those are awesome. Good luck with Icarus!

Love the socks.I will send you good Icarus thoughts.And chocolate.

Gorgeous daddy socks! Scout did make a lovely Cookie colorway. That Stacey....now what is she thinking of?!

Good luck with all the lace projects.

PRETTY! If he decides the pink is too girly, um, I know a chick in Florida who would totally wear them. (Ahem!)

Good luck on that Icarus thing. I have yet to take the lace-shawl plunge, although there's a lace cowl that I've the yarn and pattern for and, well, if I can ever get all the baby stuff knit for all my expecting co-workers (4 of them! at one time! out of only about 50 people!), I'll get on that.

Happy Icarus!

Happy belated Daddy day to what's his name... those are some pretty great socks, lucky dude.

I LOVE the socks!

OMG!! I have yet to knit that colorway that i bought from Scout!!! Eeeep!!

Hi there. Yes, it's really me!! ;)

I now have you on Google Reader. I gave up. You kept posting and I kept missing. Damnit. Love the socks. They match and everything. In my world that's big!

That yarn really does look lovely! Great gift!

p.s. Just how do you make the holes smaller? Just pull really tight? Or is there another tip? Mine aren't that bad, but I pulled out socks you made and I can't tell!

What type of cast off did you use to get your sock tops looking so perfect? I'm dying to know!

well, waddya know? bloglines just picked you up, 4 posts... heh, what'd you do?

Lovely! And I came here from Bloglines which is giving me fits on my blog today. :-P

So how many socks do you plan to make for SOS this year?!? :)

I admire what his name's ability to rock his feminine side but the dude's always getting pink socks - doesn't he wear any *manly* colors? :)

Cute socks. I'm so not ready for SoS. I have 2 pairs of socks waiting for attention and I barely sit to knit these days. Someone stole my damned knittin' mojo!

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