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Sunday, June 22, 2008


Oooh. Lovely socks. I am very interested in short row heels and totally intimidated by the directions I've read. Maybe I'm reading them all too fast? Anyway, your day sounds lovely. Do you knit all your socks toe up or top down or are you multi-directional? Inquiring minds want to know.

Yes, I'd be interested in the short-row socks. Now that Stacey's gone and teased us about the super-secret sock tutorial.

Sounds like you had a fantastic Saturday! I would LOVE to hear how you to do your short rows, you Short Row Maven. Do share.

I totally thought you knit both of those yesterday when the page first opened. They're neat, and I *almost* recognize the pattern in the red ones. Bring on the tutorial!
Seriously? No one has ever knit you socks before? Shit.

I believe I've asked for the ol' short row pattern / lesson on MANY occasions. Or perhaps I'm delusional. It's all this frickin' heat.

I KNEW..at a glance that you 'most likely' did not knit those socks, heel flaps and all that... the socks are lovely and you are well deserving, sweetness.
As for short rows? Bring it on :^)
Katherine Misegades is doing a tutorial on toe ups...
also... I don't know how it got to be Sunday again, so soon...
I'm glad you had such a wonderful day yesterday and dinner sounds good, really good!

What a good best friend you have!Love those socks.Today is laundry day here too but it is much too humid to hang anything out.
I would be interested in a tutorial.I am always ready to learn something new.
I too am quite frequently confused about what day it is.Thats what the children are for.I am not sure what I will do when they leave home.Miss alot of appointments for one.
Dinner sounds yummy.Have an extra bite for me!

I would LOVE a tutorial on short row heels. I like them better than flaps (I think, I'm still too new to commit) and even though I have done them, I don't know that I have done them right. Bring it on!

Look at all that sock love! Beautiful socks. I'm glad SOMEBODY isn't intimidated to knit you some socks. :D

I'm definitely in on the short-row heel deal. I'm doing my first toe-up for SOS and I was hoping to muddle through a short row heel (the toe is not short-row). Help will be most appreciated. You should know I've printed out the Traveler sock pattern for help all ready. I'm sure doing will be more useful than reading.

Flaps? Not you. Unless you're doing something special. :D Yeah, I'm intimidated to knit socks for you... maybe after SoS, I'll be a pro sock knitter. Or sitting in a corner rocking and talking to myself.

Stay cool and smoke free. It's only 105 today, so I'm about frozen. o.O Maybe it's the vodka.


I love the socks, how lucky of you to have such a wonderful friend to knit those for you.

I had to chuckle when I read about you bringing in the clothes and making sure they are bug free. I do the same thing, and then I throw them in the dryer (on air only) for about 10-15 minutes as a double precaution. Yeah I'm anal what can I say.


Hey, you knit 2 pairs of socks already?! HEEHEEE just kidding. I've got one pair of socks that someone else knit for me and there's just nothing like it. I wonder if non-knitters feel the same way.

Count me in!!! I want to learn to make socks just like you, oh sock goddess!!!

That reminds me, I have to get a package in the mail to you this week. There won't be socks, but I'll do my best.

;) What awesome socks, and what an awesome friend! I'm so glad you had a great time, and I'm very jealous of your dinner. I could eat it now, at 5:30 a.m.

I'm in for the socks - I think my first attempt is pretty much what you do - Stacey shared your tutorial - but that hardly makes me an expert. And I'm not to the heel on my first one yet.

Lucky you to receive such beautiful socks. I bet your shrimp dinner was yummy.

Yummy pretty socks Cookie.

<-- guilty of the same. You have to admit, it's believable for you to knit 2 in a day, you speedyknitter.

Enjoy your socks! Now I am super hungry!

Sign me up for group sock thing! I have started my first pair of Summer of Socks socks, but they require looking at pattern at all times, so I am going to be knitting another pair of easier socks. I figure that these second socks ought to be something other that super simple (yet not as complex at the ones currently OTN), so I'm definitely up for trying a new/different technique.

Sign me up, Teach~!
I can't wait - you're reading my mind on this one!

I would be interested in learning your take on short rows.


What great socks! So, what did you give our favorite otter?

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