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Friday, June 06, 2008


She's still sweet. Feel better.

Awww, smoochy kitty.
Don't be cranky, it's halfway through Friday!

At least she still have beautiful hair, even if she doesn't have many teeth. And, the cranky? So, what. You're entitled. Truth in advertising and all that.

OH, she really is adorable! And PRECIOUS! :D
Give a bit of a scritch for me! (Calm down, now. No murdering, no matter how justified!)

You and kitty have a relaxing weekend, K?

OMG What an adorable picture. She really does look like she didn't enjoy it one bit.


Aww. Poor kitty. She looks like she just ate something distasteful!

I'm pretty grouchy too. Maybe it's catching.

ugh, I have to watch the news to see if you snapped. I think with kitty around you will come to your senses and be fine!

That flash business... meh...or in her case, that looks more like a 'bleh'..
Feel better soon. Just remember, they don't let you have pointy sticks in the 'big house'... keeps me on the straight and narrow.. sorta kinda...

Us semi-local to you people will make sure she's taken care of if you do snap.

How does she feel about temporarily rooming with 3 dogs and 4 cats?

Out of lurkdom to day that the picture made be laugh out loud! I am really glad I swallowed before I looked!

Hheheheh. *ahem* I was just watching COPS and they were doing a show from your county and I thought of you. What I thought? I'll never tell.
I looked ahead in the forecast for when the heat is going to break to give you some hope... and became hopeless. I went out 15 days and it's still going to be in the 90's and 100's.

Sorry. I tried to find some light at the end of the tunnel, but there is none.

I hope you two find a way to relax.

That is quite the face!

What a cute kitty (even if she is a bit cranky) :-)

Priceless picture. I hope she's feeling better after the fluids even though it's been absolutely FOREVER since she's had them. *cough* Yeah.

Poor kitty!

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