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Wednesday, June 11, 2008


More reason to use Google Reader. I'm not going near that test. I'm bound to end up with the worst score ever (and proudy so). ;-)

Ha, I scored pretty high on that test too. I tend to think it's mostly a technicality, since my stocking seams are never crooked because I don't wear them, etc etc.
Love my Google reader...

hahahahahah... I just could not resist the 'Smoke,drink,gamble,do dope' line... mercy. my score was 37, Poor. I'm still chuckling.

It worked, I guess, when I unsubbed yesterday and subbed to a different one? It let me know you had a new post up.

I just subbed to a brother from another mother. Or something. I blame the heat.

Oh dear. I rated a "Poor".
I use Google Reader, so to hell with Bloglines anyway.

Woo Hoo! I scored an 11! Very poor (Failure).

Hehe. Not having any kids or religion probably helped with that score.

Happy Wednesday to you too Cookie.

I scored a 97. I find that very interesting because I think I'm a terrible wife. But I do dress for breakfast.

Will definitely have to try that test. Has anyone tried Google - I used it side by side for a while and found it picked up feeds faster than bloglines.


Dress for breakfast? I would probably score a 4. I'll have to find you via feedburner since bloglines hates me. Let's see if I can do it. Happy Wednesday to you, too.

Oh you blow me away. I took that test and I'm a -failure-. *sob* What am I to do?

Wow.I am impressed.Must be all that sock knitting you do.

I hadn't seen you updated in days and I got worried. Which feed should I subscribe to?

Yeah, I figured you were in prison. Goes along with that '30s wife thing. Actually, I oddly do see that in you. Hee.

Hah! I just got a "Feedburner Error" message the first time I tried to click in from bloglines - and I'm not subscribed to the dead feed! I'll take the test later, when I'm not feeling so vulnerable.

HA! I want to know how you scored so high! I scored a "O" ~ I am NOT kidding. I am a Complete Failure as a 1930's wife.

Well. I already knew that. And so did my husband. But I'm not going to tell him about this. It would just be some sort of ammo at a future date. ;-D

Mystery solved. I'm not married because I'd make a better husband (score: 69) than a wife (score: 18).

A whopping 24! I'm so proud I could bust. I don't think it's my fault since I'm not married. I just click on my bookmark every day. I've given up on bloglines.

Good grief! I was proud of my 98 (not that I behave that way, but because I know a little something about cultural history). My husband took it and scored a 143 - WTF?

I scored a negative 41 :)

BTW, bloglines hasn't picked up your feed in at least a week...I came by to see if you were on vacation or something!

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