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Friday, June 27, 2008


The washing machine deserved it.
Hooray for voluntarily and freely pilling the cat! Hooray that there is a pill for the cat that you don't have to get a second mortgage for! Hooray for short rows! Hooray for chocolate! All the rest of it can bite me. ;-)

Thank you SO much for the tutorial! I'm going to give it a whirl this weekend.


Now, I'm gonna have to change my mind (done) and rethink the pink socks. Toe up with short rows, I'm thinkin'. Hope the pills work for the kitty. I got a thing at Petsmart that shot the pills down their throats. It took my cat 1 time to figure it out and from then on, I chased her down and we fought. Not pretty. Not effective. Worth the trip to the vet 3 or 4 times a week just to throw her rhythm off.

Ugh. I had to give my late cat pills, and she could find one buried deeply in her favorite taste treats at 1000 paces. They are just too smart. Take her to the vet for sure.

I'm gonna play with the tutorial now. Cool button! It will look good on my t-shirt!

Great! I'm looking forward to giving it a try. And I just might be in the market for a washing machine hitwoman.

Poor kitty, poor Cookie. I'm ignoring the rest of the post but still wishing you a fabulous weekend.

*gigglesnort* "art department south division" :D Yeah for free cat pill shovingdownthroat. I think I'm still traumatized and scarred from the last time I had to do that. Having a settled stomach is a wonderful thing. It is a fabulous tutorial and I may have to go link to it from the bad place. JUST KIDDING! Maybe. MUWAHAHAHAHHAHA

/runs (well, as well as one can run with all this smoke)

...yeah yeah, which three kinds of chocolate? that's what I want to know...

Good for your vet for offering to pill Precious on a daily basis, no charge, AND with a pill they didn't sell you! I hope it has her feeling better soon.

Great button... now I'm going to go check.it.out. (I hope your washing machine didn't die)

Yes, that does say "Keep Your Shit Tight".


Double ha.

That is the best button I have seen all day. Now, let's all have some chocolate.

Poor kitty.

The whole knitting thing? Not looking promising for me anymore at ALL, but maybe I'm just being a pessimist. I got my fall school schedule. Holy crap. It's a case of be careful what you wish for. So.busy. (I love it, but....I'm a little nervous about it.)

And knitting? I fear it's a thing of the past for me, but I could be wrong. ish.

Do you know what you need? You need a spinning wheel. *runs away*

I hope the pill-stuff works for Precious. Nobody likes a queasy tummy. Great button!! I'm going to do a detailed look tomorrow at the tutorial. Thank you!!!!

I'm with Opal. A spinning wheel is indeed needed at Casa de Cookie. Just think of all the time you can spend sitting next to PK with that!

All I can say is wear gloves and a heavy sweater :)

I haven't used these but have friends that swear by them...some treat with a hole in the middle made just for hiding pills in. My be worth a try...good luck tho!

All I can say is wear gloves and a heavy sweater :)

I haven't used these but have friends that swear by them...some treat with a hole in the middle made just for hiding pills in. Might be worth a try...good luck tho!

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