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Monday, June 23, 2008


I would venture to say (and I had this verified by another writer/grammar nerd/coworker) that it's "rat-bastard". And when I asked him, he didn't even blink. Sometimes my job is not heinous.
You're going to have to ask Joan about the lace. Knowing all the good patterns is her super power. Though the garden series has some lovely selections.

Socks? Short rows? Two words I just don't understand (ok, three words).

Depends on how fast you say it.

Lovely squooshy yarz... I've wanted to make another Cozy, too, but I hear ya - so many patterns, so little time...

well... I tend to go with 'ratbastid'...

I'm all about the short rows on my socks. It will be neat to see how you do yours.

It really does depend how fast you say it. I mean forfucksake can be one word. 14 July! WOO! I can't wait either.

Didja know the yarn at handpaintedyarn.com is the same as Malabrigo? I betcha did. So luvverly.

What Margene said.

You remind me that I need to get back to my Alpine Lace Shawl with the yarn from handpaintedyarn. I promise I will. Soon.

You can't beat a great bag like that! Can you believe that I have never seen a Dr. Who episode? I know, crazy. But I do know the concept from my other sci-fi reading. I am hoping to get a closet for the studio like that with the re-do. :D

Wait a minute, that yarn is pink. I thought you were over pink??
Lace wise, I think it's high time you knit something round. But I'm just a trouble maker.
Icarus yarn will be here in two days, how much do you need?

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