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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Mmmm ... fresh blueberries! And grown yourself, how very yum!

And, happy anniversary, too!

Happy Anniversary!I am so glad you are here.I have someone to be cranky with!

Yay Cookie! I'm glad you're here, and that I found you.

It occurs to me that I've never seen blueberries growing. Isn't that weird, since they are commercially grown here and in Michigan? So you've brought me a first.

One of many.


Wow, two years. Glad to know ya.

Now I know why the roses bloomed today. Happy 2nd!

A kinder, gentler Cookie. That is weird. I'm glad you're here too. Here's to another couple years for us all!

and I just found you. Where have I been for 2 years??? I think you are a funny.

Happy Bloggy Birthday, Cookie!

Congrats and thanks!!

Congrats and thanks!!

Mmmmm, blueberries; I love blueberries.

Happy Blogiversay! (I think mine is coming up soon; gotta check that out).

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 2nd this-version-of-the-blog-iversary!

Time to make blueberry cake!

Mmmmm. The blueberries ARE the clear winner. How fitting that my bloglines didn't pick you up on your anniversary - if it weren't for Joan, I wouldn't have know you even posted. I second Joan's emotion - that I can't remember life without Cookie. I thought it was much longer than two years. Happy Anniversary! ♥

Well I just found you recently but I'm glad you're here. And I agree about the blueberries outdoing the sky. :)

Happy Anniversary!

damn... missed this, late to the party as usual... going to have a few words with the bloglines thingie.

I'm so glad I came over here... you know, back 'when'... I love your crankiness and sweetness.

blueberries in a pot. on your patio. seriously.
I wonder if I could do that... I loves me some blueberries.

Happy Blogiversary!
Beautiful blueberries and blue sky!

Homegrown blueberries? You lucky duck!!! Yum!

I could kill bloglines. I thought you were ill or something so I scurried over here to check and voila. New posts. So I'm glad you're okay, but really ticked off at bloglines.

I envy you your fresh blueberries.

Happy Two Years in this place, Cookie. I would have been here sooner but for bloglines and a little water.

I love the blueberries...I've seen them in the wild and yours look much tastier.

Happy Two Years! Love the pictures of the blueberries, I've never seen them on a bush before (only in the little, very expensive, punnets in the supermarket). Is it possible to have blueberry envy?

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