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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


That IS a cute little bundle of sweet on Kelly's place. I want to nom those cheeks.
Um, do you have to wait on both Joan-a-lace-along pieces for her to catch up, or are you just doing the red one at speed? Cuz, ??? Oops, I was supposed to shut up there, wasn't I? Hee.
I thought you were going to rip Icarus in a fit of pique?

FFS Cookie, you should warn a person... Frost Flowers and Leaves.. I nearly passed out from the Beauty. so yeah, glad you gave the heads up re: Baby Emelia Marie, definitely a beautiful wee lass.

That Petal Shower is sweeeeet.

Your Joan Alongs are beautiful!
You make me laugh, Dearie, No babies indeed!

You ran out? Of yarn?


I love Dream in Color. I have some Smooshy. It is.

Nice job on the Joan knits. Just keep doing different colors til she catches up.

Beautiful lace! Gorgeous yarn! I'm in the midst of a massive PMS attack. Maybe what I need is more yarn. Yes. More yarn is the answer.

I love the Dreams in Color Baby in Petal Shower. And, the Joan-a-longs are very pretty. You are one heckofa prolific knitter.

The Joan-a-longs are so pretty! Good luck with Icarus - I know you can do it this time!

I'm knitting as quick as my old hands will let me.

Love our lace but I'll finish Icarus while you knit red.

And it's not made of babies, it's baby tears.

Icarus and the pink and the red Joan-alongs are looking *good*! I need to find that baby lace yarn. I have the nice fat smooshy stuff and it is addictive. Ask Nora how much of that I fondled at Loop. Sick.

I have the bitch PMS too. Course, its not my PMS week, but whatever. Thats a lot of lace. Icarus. :)

Poor Icarus.Does the Dream in Color Baby at least have that fresh baby smell?I hope not.It would make me want a new baby even more.I'll just get the yarn instead.

FFS. 1.) How'd you run out of yarn and just how big are you making that Icarus? 2.) TWO!?!??! My GOD child! It must be a particularly trying time right now? Pandas beware! 3.) If it were made of real babies... I'd buy some. Damn breeders.


I think I know where your frustration with Typepad went; I have it. It seems to be getting slower and slower every day! I

Testing. They said the problem was resolved. Let's just SEE about that. My blog did not automatically post this morning....

Pretty yarn! I agree - how can they call it 'baby yarn' when there are no babies involved in the making of said yarn? I mean, seriously! ;op

I am so glad I'd just swallowed my coffee when I read about the yarn not really made of babies. I'd have spit taked allover the place. I like wine when I have PMS. Well, I just like wine.

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