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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Gorgeous colors - well done!

The socks are pretty but I have never been a big fan of Noro.It's too scratchy for my taste.

And just how many ends did you have to hide? Is noro sock like the rest of noro -- singles?

They're pretty! =)

Yeah! They are beautiful in a non pooling, non spiraling, rainbow sort of way. Surely it was less painful than the rainbow and Halloween yarn? :D If not, I could find something that is. MUWAHAHAH! I kind of like Noro. Some yarns and some colorways. But it's hard to find a colorway that strikes my fancy. Sometimes you're knitting all pretty and a piece of ass comes out of the ball.

Have a happy Sunday.

I think they turned out Very Pretty, I like the colour changes.

Beau-ti-ful sox, my friend. Even more impressive are the self photographing skills. I love the Noro sock yarn on the shelf, in the skein. I agree that it could be a Royal Pain Diaz to knit with. It's still terribly pretty, though.

Sorry about Typepad. I already gave you my opinion on that organization.

It looks like you are the guinea pig for the rest of us. I'm glad it's not me. You bitch so much more eloquently. Nice socks!

I love the way those socks came out! But now I'm afraid to knit with the Noro I have. :-P

I think the colors are worth all the trouble. Maybe. Of course I've only finished half a sock out of that stuff.

Pretty socks, Cookie, and they look good on! I hope you'll report back on your experience with after several washes. Of course, I could knit some from the stash and then compare notes.

You certainly have figured out how to take photos of self-modeled socks! I copied from the best. :D

You certainly have that silly earth logic on your side. I hope Typepad gets fixed pronto.

certainly. (one more for balance.)

/sigh. long day.

I was also duped into trying the "upgrades" but I've gone back to centering everything by hand the old way again. I won't be so hard to fool in the future.
/stomps foot

I might try some lace with my Noro sock yarn. I just don't see me handwashing socks. Been down that road before too.

They look good, perhaps not worth all the angst though as I see you won't be using the big N again :)

Very cute - and they look great on you!

I just LOVE Noro, but as socks? Are they uncomfortable? It seems a bit scritchy. Or maybe it's just me and my princess and the pea personality! :D
I do love them though. Nobody does colors like Noro~ I stand by that assessment.

Hmmm... I really must knit up my own Noro socks someday. Except I am going to make crazy-lady leggings with them so I don't get cold during a summer of standing on concrete in the rain for 12 hours at a stretch.

I made a pair of socks with Noro Kureyon sock yarn and it was a bit unevenly spun. All of a sudden there would be thick parts and I wasn't sure about how they worked with the pattern. I loved the colors-once I finished and put them on. While I was working on them, I kept thinking "I'll never wear these, or if I do, it'll be on weekends when no one will see them". Since I finished them, I love them and show them off when I wear them. I don't know if I'd like to make more sock with the yarn but maybe. Your socks look great, and no, we won't discuss how long they took. Nobody's business.

oooooh...pretty! I agree, though, Noro sock yarn does nothing for me.

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